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Who can help with Italy?

We are spending our 1st week in Rome and then we will spend another week up North. (Venice, Bologna or Florence) or surrounding area, we don’t need to be in the city. Which would you choose and why?

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5 thoughts on “Summer Planning

  1. Oh go to all of those cities haha! Well in Venice don’t stay in Venice, it’s a lot cheaper to stay in a nearby city, we stayed in Lido di Jessolo one year, another year we were very lucky to stay in a convent in the city of Venice! It was an all-woman convent though hehe.

    • We are going to try to see it all Serena. Wow you lived there too? You are just all over the place. Good for you! I am going to look up the nearby cities you mention too. I think we will likely do a day trip to Venice and we want to hit the Opera in Verona too. If I can find a “good deal” maybe we will be in that area for 2 weeks. We are just going to wing it as we go. A convent sounds interesting. I also checked out Helpx to see if we could volunteer and stay at a farm, but most places want a longer visit than we are wanting. 🙂

      • I USED to be all over the place, you mean, haha! I haven’t been anyplace since the kids were born. Budget travelling just didn’t extend to families I’m afraid (3 tickets cost 3x what one ticket costs!). Wow, can you volunteer to stay at a farm? I will have to check that out.

      • Hi it’s me again, been checking out that site. What kinds of responses have you been tending to get when you tell them that you are a family with 2 kids? Are people still willing to offer accommodation (and food) for a whole family?

        • Some people have no trouble with kids and place it directly in their ad. Others specifically state, no kids. They usually don’t mind, but we haven’t actually booked it yet. You should also really check out the house sitting sites. Free place to stay in exchange for taking care of pets. Of course you need to work with their dates.

          The farm stays are usually lodging and food in exchange for 3-5 hrs of work each day. They usually list what the work is. It may be that you help with their B&B services, do web site work for them, work in garden or even milk cows. Who knows. I just thought it would be great for the kids. Now that we have a plan and schedule it will be tougher for us to find one of those.

          trustedhousesitters , mindmyhouse and there are others. Just have to stay on top of things and look daily. They go fast. Great way to have a low cost vacation and there are loads in Spain as well. There are loads of families that I follow that get house sits all of the time. They are more flexible with their dates than we have been as they are full time travel. We are trying only on school holidays.

          I hope something can work our for you Serena. It would be great if you could get a nice vacation. There are even farm stays in Almunecar on the Helpx site. We were thinking of doing something local, just for the experience too.

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