National Spanish Holiday Today! (Constitution Day)

We have the pleasure of having yet another long weekend. The kids are off school for the National Spanish Holiday, Día de la Constitución (Constitution Day).  This time we decided to stay home for a change. We weren’t sure about the details of this special day, so I did a little poking around the web. Below is a very brief summary, with a link to more info.  The kids did however have extra history lessons in school this week, as well as fun activities on the day prior to the holiday. So they are learning about it all.

The flag of Spain was adopted as the national flag of Spain on December 6, 1978.

Día de la Constitución
After the death of the Franco, representatives from all of the Spanish political groups got together in 1978 to write Spain’s present-day constitution. December 6th marks the anniversary of the  anniversary of a referendum held that day in 1978. With 88% in voting in favor of implementing this new Constitution. This was an important step in Spain’s transition to becoming a constitutional monarchy and democracy.



We are going to Paris in 2 weeks for Christmas, so we decided to hang out in our beautiful  village of Almuñecar. We were out doing a bit of Christmas Shopping last night in Old Town, with the crisp cool air. We couldn’t help but notice them putting up lights and decorations all around town.  From what we hear from the locals, this holiday marks the beginning of the Holiday Season here in Spain. It is a day of Celebration. I can’t wait to go back tonight or tomorrow night to see it all lit up!

We are also beginning to see a few homes with lights twinkling in the night too, but no Griswold’s have been spotted yet.We have heard that there are two holidays for the season;  December 25 (Christmas) and January 6th (he Three Kings Day). I will do a bit of asking around to see what it all entails. Our Spanish teacher did inform us that the children receive 3 gifts from the Wise Men on January 6th in addition to Christmas.  I wonder if the Wise Men know we are in Spain?

I also noticed a poster up, along the promenade, advertising a 2 or 3 day Medieval Market just down the beach from us. I can’t wait to see what is going on!  I will be taking photos and sharing how our little village does or doesn’t transform for the Spanish Holiday, as well as any extra fun activities we may encounter this weekend.


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2 thoughts on “National Spanish Holiday Today! (Constitution Day)

  1. Oooh wish I could go and see your medieval market, I love them! But now that I think of it, I do remember that they always used to put some up here in some parks around Malaga. Now I remember one year that we went out for a walk in these dates and bumped into one. In other years it wasn’t anywhere near as cold as it’s been this year, this year is being especially FREEZING! Normally it’s still fairly balmy at this time of the year, and we used to enjoy going out during these dates. This year, though, the unusual cold has us barricaded up at home! Otherwise we’d go out in search of those medieval markets again!

    • Hi Serena! We managed to get out with the sun for a couple of hours today around 12 noon or so. It as perfect temp out. Now it is freezing just a few hours later. The Market was adorable. We will like put up some pictures this weekend of the Market. I think we are going to walk back over tonight to see it with all of the Holiday Lights etc. Seems there is always a party or celebration somewhere around.

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