Sounds from home – Mornings

Mornings are so peaceful here. I usually wake up around 7:30 or 8:00 am.  While laying in bed, I just open my eyes and look out at the Sun rising and glistening on the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea.  Yep, that’s right baby!  I don’t even have to lift my head from the pillow to see this view! Ah, but the sounds are to die for.

We don’t have air conditioning, as most people don’t here. That means our sliding doors and windows are pretty much always open. This seems to work out well as there is always an incredible breeze.  If we open the front door to get the cross wind, then voila!  It is instant AC. I must say the breeze is nice, but the real bonus of having everything open is the sound of the Sea.

All day and all night, we can hear the rhythm of the Sea. Most days, the waves are gently lapping up against the rocks below or along the beach. This isn’t as loud as the ocean or as forceful. But the constant sound is so soothing and it is the best when I wake up each morning.  It starts the day off just right. We do also hear a faint rooster off in the distance, but only if we are already awake.

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  1. That ocean view and being able to hear the waves sound idyllic. We spent a few days in San Sebastian in the Basque Country recently which had fantastic beaches and surfing. I hope you guys haven’t been affected by the recent flash-floods in Andalucia and Murcia. Seems like your up pretty high over the water given the vista from the photograph. I love the Spanish sky at twighlight in my wife’s hometown – it’s a small town in Extremadura and the air is clear and the light is just very peaceful. ¡Buena suerta!

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