Smartwatch Travel Tasks You Can Do From Your Wrist!

I am always amazed by the evolution of technology.  Moving from rotary phones to a smartwatch in a couple of generations is amazing!

Just yesterday we were chatting with our teens telling them how they have it so easy with their smartphones to stay connected with their friends around the globe.  The longer we live in Spain and the more we travel, the more connected we become with other travelers.  We all come and go, but we manage to remain connected no matter where we are in the world.  Quite the difference from when I was a kid.

We were speaking with our kids about how we had one phone in the house, attached to the wall with the receiver tethered to the base with a long spiral cord.  Not everyone had a push button phone either, some of us still had the rotary phones.  I have fond memories of trying to win a prize from the radio station and dialing one number at a time, as fast as I possibly could.

There was no thing such as privacy from the rest of the family.  We just stood in the kitchen or tried to stretch that spiral cord so we could sit on the floor.  With six kids in my family that always meant some sort of drama or argument, because we all wanted to be on that phone.

The reason we were having this discussion with the kids is because Grandma is here visiting and she mentioned she may be getting a smartwatch.  We were discussing the types of things you can now do on a watch versus a phone and you don’t need to worry about dropping it!  We looked up this cool infographic, to see all that could be done related to travel.  I think Grandma may be on to something.


Just a few years ago, battery life on smartwatches required daily charging.  Now due to battery technology, you can go for days without charging.  In addition, the number of apps has steadily increased, so these smartwatches are taking the place of fitness trackers, sleep monitors, etc.

What a great time (good pun!) to be alive!

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