Ski Resorts: A Guide To The Perfect Family Vacation

Here we are in Thailand bathing in the heat and humidity.  What better to do then to remember our a winter ski vacations.  Before starting a family, ski vacations are a great way to travel, see a new country and experience some of the best snow-covered landscapes with friends. But while carefree days might be something of the past for new moms, that doesn’t mean that a trip to the slopes has to be as well.  Yes you can travel with kids!

So, how do you have a fun time on a ski holiday with two (or more) young children in tow?

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 Plan Ahead

As all parents know, a bit of preparation goes a long, long way and it makes all the difference to a ski holiday. Think about your kids’ needs and experience – are they complete beginners, or have they been hitting the slopes for years?

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While you may be a semi-pro at this skiing thing, that doesn’t mean your kids will be too, so look for ski resorts that don’t have altitudes that are too high, as acclimatizing to high altitudes will take time and can affect sleep for the first few days.

If you have very young children, such as babies or toddlers, take lots of diapers with you for the first few days. Make sure that your stroller can cope with the sidewalks and the streets at your ski resort as they will be covered with snow, which some strollers may struggle with.

To save time and money, pre-book your ski pass and ski lessons before arriving, and check to see if your hotel offers a nanny service, in case you and your partner want to have a few hours away from the kids.

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Ski Lessons

All good ski holiday resorts offer ski lessons to children and adults. If you need to book your children into lessons, then make sure the classes are for no more than five children at one time, as this will help your kids learn that little bit faster, which means more time on the slopes for all the family.

If you’ve been off the slopes for a few years, don’t be embarrassed about booking yourself in for a few refresher lessons: you’ll be racing down the piste in no time!

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When travelling with pre-school age children, rent an apartment, as opposed to a hotel room, as this will give you more freedom at mealtimes and when your kids need bottles for night feeds.  it also provide far more space than a hotel room, so you can have the kids get to bed and still have some adult time.

For older kids, book a room – with WiFi – that is no more than 300 metres from the ski lifts, this means less walking first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon, when everyone will be worn out after a long day of skiing. Also ensure that your accommodation is near the local restaurants if you’re in a self-catering apartment. A good ski community ensures some great with drinks and entertainment.

Ski holidays with the family are all sorts of fun, so remember to prepare and you will have the trip of a lifetime!  Here is a little video when our kids were small.


Images by Patrick Nouhailler (1, 2 and 3) used under creative commons license.

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  1. With little ones, it is definitely worth it to pay a bit more for convenience in our experience. Little kids can’t carry their ski gear and you don’t want to do much of that either! Since we have little ones, we’ve been using hotel points to spring for some nicer slopeside places these last few years. It’s going to be hard to go back to our normal budget ways. 😉

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