Saying good-bye to the Y (YMCA) Thank You!

It is never enough to just say Thank you or give a hug and promise you will keep in touch. I wanted to send a letter to the Cary Family YMCA to express how much they have meant to us over the years, but thought would the counselors actually see the letter?  Will they really understand how much they mean to us?

Josh YMCA Counselor

Most of them are in school and are going back to their school lives as summer comes to an end. Others have graduated and moved on to other things over the years. Instead, we opted to place our letter in this blog. With high hopes that each and every one of those that have touched our lives over the years would be able to read this. Even if they have moved on and no longer work with the Y.

Our letter to the Cary Family Y (YMCA)

Thank you to the Cary Y, we will see you later.

To all of the staff over the years, we wanted to send you a big Thank You! We joined the Cary Y over 10 years ago as we wanted to join a gym, but also something that was community oriented. We had no idea that our simple vision would not only become a reality, but that we would also have an extended family.

When the kids were little we took advantage of the on site child care, parent’s night out and swim lessons. Not to mention all of the member celebrations and activities. Once the kids were in School we opened a new chapter with the Y, Summer Camp, Prime Time After School, Y-Guides/Princess and sporting activities. We then embarked upon the community activities, Toms (shoe drive) and We Build People! (We had a blast raising money at our haunted house). For the past 10 years the Cary YMCA and its wonderful staff have been a huge part of our lives.

The entire Wagoner Family has become “attached” to many of the counselors and staff over the years.  You have all made us feel as though we are all just one big family. What touches us the most is how much you genuinely love our children and they love you in return. You all provide that personal touch that makes them feel like they are the only kids that exist. I have to admit Alan and I also look forward to rides in/out and family events, so we can get our social time with you too.

Each day you have made the choice to come to work and be role models for our children. You impressed upon them excellent values, good spirit, a sense of community, as well as hard work and dedication. You skillfully build their confidence through various sports, activities, songs and skits. It is fun for us parents to attend family nights or other events and see which counselors the kids emulate (who they idolize).  The joy in their eyes when they spot a counselor our in the “real world” at Wendy’s etc.  It is as if they have seen the most famous celebrity of all time. Funny thing, there are too many of you wonderful people to count.  Each and every one of you are special to us all and we thank you for helping to inspire, raise and mold and love Lars and Anya.

The influence of each of you has touched their (our) lives forever and is a part of who they are. They will hold these childhood memories in their hearts and be able to look back on a happy childhood full of good people. For that we are proud and we thank you!

To name a few, but not all-inclusive:
D’vario, Hannah, Josh B. , Josh E.,  Nicole, Hubble, David, Brad, Eric, Alison, Katie, Michael(s), Jeff, Kevin, Jai, Katy, Emma, Leslie, Steve(s), Scotty, Jessica, Zach, Derek, Kelsay, Grace, Becca, Michele, Abbie, Abby, Jason, Jarred, Cameron, Ryan(s), Stacy, Austin, Joey, Christy, Joseph, Blake, Joe(s), Heather, Britanny, Leslie,  Amanda, Amber, Jeremy, Debby, Rebecca, Jerry, Chelsea, Susan, Adon, Amber, Deanna, Dell, Ashlee, Sean, Kristine, JP, Miss Beth, Becky, Liz, Mr. Bob, Mr. Mike, Dana, John and more…

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the good times. Most of all, thanks for being a huge part of our lives. Please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing you again.

A post by Camp O about the end of summer as well (from their perspective).  It is such a good feeling that the love is mutual!    Dear Camp Outer Limits by Josh Bunch

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