It’s Raining In Our Room!

Anya woke me up at 6am this morning to tell me that gallons of water were dumping on her.  Half asleep, I told her to cover herself and go back to sleep.    (we were up until 2am, so I was tired).  Then she insisted I help.  oops!  
The AC unit above her was just pouring water all over her and her bed.  We ran and got a towel and that wasn’t going to do the trick.  Next option was to carefully place the garbage can on the bed to capture what we could.   
I called the front desk and the maintenance. man arrives.  He takes it apart by using a small table that was somewhat balancing on the bed as his ladder.  He would hold one leg out in some Tai Chi move to balance.  I ran to help him stay steady, by holding the table. I then became his assistant, holding parts he removed from the unit.
Anyway after much noise, climbing in and out of the window, and sucking up water with some little machine, he tells us we need to move.    So off we go to move to a new room.  We were in the room next door to the boys. Now we are in another building on a different floor. (nicer room though! )  We have emailed Alan and Lars to let them know, but I guess they will find out soon enough.  Now time to go back to sleep!

Come on and tell us what you think!

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