Product Review: Clever Travel Companion T-Shirt

We just celebrated our 1000 days of living our dream life and held a giveaway.  One of the prized was a fitted shirt from Clever Travel Companion.  We were also provided a shirt for our review.  We are talking T-shirts with hidden pockets!  How fun.

clever travel companion

As I mentioned, we were provided a shirt for our review.  So here it goes…

clever travel companion fitted tee

Clever Travel Companion Product Description:

Follow this link to see the best designs. Clever Travel Companion’s Women’s V-neck T-shirts, with one pocket under each arm hold all your valuables safely when traveling: passport, credit cards and cash, even keys and cell phones fit and no one will ever be the wiser as to where you are hiding your stuff.

The perfect base layer- this fitted Tee looks great paired with a cardigan, shrug or scarf, or underneath a blouse!  So only you know where your valuables are, and only you can access them.
Oh, and of course, it is virtually impossible to mislay your stuff.  Because let’s face it, anyone can forget a wallet, purse, fanny pack or money belt somewhere, but who takes off their clothing just anywhere in the middle of the day?

Clever Travel Companion Shipping:

Shipping was surprisingly quick.  We are living outside the USA, but had planned on visiting soon.  We had it shipped to a family member’s address and it arrived before we did.

Clever Travel Companion Product Quality:

Now this is a thick, high quality t-shirt.  I was very surprised when we opened the package, as I expected a very thin low quality shirt.  Nope.  This is very high quality material and seems to be made very well.  There is a slight stretch to the fabric, which is nice for a little give when you are active.

Clever Travel Companion Practicality:

I have the fitted V neck t-shirt with one pocket on either side.  This is a great idea for most people, but for those of us that have a very healthy-sized chest, it is a bit difficult to see the pockets.  That said, I have no trouble accessing them and hiding my credit cards and cash tucked away inside.  I thought it would bother me to have pockets on my sides like that, but even after a few hours it was no bother at all.  Of course your body shape and size will fit the shirt differently than me, so I would recommend it.   There is no way any pick pocket is getting in there without me knowing about it!

Clever Travel Companion Fitted T

Clever Travel Companion Overall Thoughts:

I think this is a very interesting and yet clever way to conceal a few of your valuables while traveling.  They also offer products in undergarments as well as tank tops, so check out the Clever Travel Companion product line yourself.  I would recommend you give it a try too and let us know what you think.

tshirt with hidden pocket

Disclosure:  The product was provided to us free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

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  1. This would’ve been perfect for the trip! Now that we’re home, I’ll pin it for our next one, I guess.


    • Hey Michelle! Wow you guys are home already. How time flies. Yes, it would be good just to go out for a hike too. How are you adjusting to your return home?

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