My Princess is a Prankster!

Anya my 8-yr-old PrincessLast weekend I was up early getting things done around the house, but little did I know a prankster was on the loose.  The floors were swept and there was one load of laundry in the washer.  While that was running I was making banana Nutella crepes for breakfast, Alan had strawberry. We all finished up with our meal and the dishes were hand washed.  I just sat down to respond to some email and get ready to head out with our visitors for the day.  I realized, I hadn’t yet hung the laundry out to dry.  As I was getting up to get the clothes from the washer, Anya said she would get them.

Remember our appliances?  Well Anya is the dryer, about once every couple of months.

Anyway, Anya offered to hang the clothes out on the rack to dry.  It was going to be a nice sunny and warm day, so the clothes should dry by evening and all will be well in the universe.  She quickly did her chore and we all were ready to rush out the door and go meet up with our visitors.  We had a splendid day out and the weather was just perfect.

The Prankster Has Arrived

Later that afternoon, we returned home.  I went to check on the laundry to see what we could fold and put away.  I was admiring Anya’s work, as she hung each and every article of clothing with care.  As I start to empty the drying rack, I noticed something hanging on the railing just behind it.

I am thinking “Hmmm…that is odd.  Why would she hang something there?”

I scoot over the drying rack and there it is!

Big as day for all the world to see! (Believe me when I say Big)

Pinned ever so carefully to the outside of our terrace railing is ….




Anya hung it by the straps, pinned to the back of the banister so the pins weren’t visible.  She then ensured it was facing the road and took the time to poke out each of the,  Uh Hm…. Cups!

Oh My Goodness!

My Bra was out on the terrace railing, facing the road, fully protruding the entire day.  A beautiful Saturday, where each and every neighbor was sure to have been out and passed by!  (Nope not sharing a picture here, with my best NY Accent “forget about it”)

Anya my 8-yr-old PranksterI didn’t know she had it in her.  Alan and Lars are the ones with the sense of humor and full of jokes and pranks.  I didn’t know my sweet little 8-year-old princess was a prankster at heart.  Now I have the three of them to look out for.  That evening I asked Anya about it and she was so proud of her move.  She even told me how she carefully poked out the cups of the bra, so it would look real.  LOL

Well, that is my story, do share your best prankster moment.  Has anyone pranked you?  Do tell!

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6 thoughts on “My Princess is a Prankster!

  1. Hahaha! I love a little bit of minx in a girl. What was clever, was that she kept it quiet all day……be afraid, be VERY afraid Heidi!

  2. Aloha Heidi,

    Just read your comment on the Top 25 Traveler’s blog and found your blog.

    Your story of eating crepes with fruit and nutella brought back memories from when I lived in France and Belgium and basically lived on the stuff 🙂

    Still love it, and it’s our 3 kids favorite breakfast still today!



  3. Judy Maritz What can I say except that “the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree..or its grandmother” LOL Love this story!

    Luz Molinari Cute!

    Wagoner’s Abroad Judy Maritz yes, it is close to the “daddy and grandma” tree.

    Rosalba Negrete Ese es al espiritu andaluz, ole

    Heidi Wagoner Sí, lo es! Se adapta muy bien a este espíritu. yes, it is! She adapted very well to this spirit.

    Rosalba Negrete I love you blog!

    Heidi Wagoner Thank you so much Rosalba Negrete! Are you in Spain? We are going to travel a bit more this summer, so maybe we will be near you at some point. We are going to the Feria de Abril tomorrow in Seville.

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