Plans For The Summer?

Usually each year we have some epic travel plans in store for you.  Summer of 2013 we shared our 6 week European Road Trip with you.  Summer 2014 we became a nomadic family and “lived” on a houseboat in Amsterdam, enjoyed a 3 week Road Trip in Europe, then made the big leap over to a life in Southeast Asia.  For Summer 2015 we will remain in Spain!  I think…

The Village of Pampaneira  Las Alpujarras Granada Spain

This sounds exciting and it is.  The entire family is thrilled to just sit still for a while and enjoy the country we love so much.  That said, we do need to be away from our apartment for a couple of weeks in July, as it was previously rented during that period.  We have exactly 18 nights to do something exciting, fun and cultural.  You know me, I am always up to no good, trying to figure out the most exciting and unique experience for the family.

Our original plans were to explore the northern part of Spain, as that is an area we have yet to experience.  The family had a good heart-to-heart chat last week and decided that a long road trip wasn’t very desirable at this time.  It would be a minimum of 10 hours each way, plus driving between areas in the north.  We decided to keep it a bit more local and stick to Andalucia Spain (specifically within the provinces of Granada, Almeria and/or Malaga).

Then I my little wheels start spinning!

On the other hand, I can’t stop looking for travel deals.  You know that is how we travel, we go where the deal is.  It is high season in Southern Spain mid-July and prices are expensive for accommodation.  The deals are hard to come by when we have specific dates in mind.  So of course I use my magic and start to see if it is a better deal to fly somewhere and explore another country.

I remember how much we loved our time in Italy for 3 weeks during the summer of 2013 and thought that may be fun to do again.  I have been looking up Italy and there are some great deals Last Minute Maremma, Tuscany.  We absolutely loved Tuscany and feel like we had a whirlwind time there.  The kids love the space of an apartment and the fun of a holiday park, as there are so many activities.

Wagoners Abroad in Pisa Italy

We enjoyed holding up the leaning tower in Pisa and the Duomo in Florence and other buildings were amazing.


The flights aren’t quite what I was hoping for and the family may just strangle me, if I suggest taking them on a flight this time.  I am still going to keep my eyes out for those deals.

I am also longing to visit Iceland or Finland in the winter.  Yes, me the one who doesn’t like to be cold and in the snow.  I just think it would be a great experience for us all to stay in an ice hotel or igloo and potentially see those Northern Lights.  Who knows, I guess I can’t get the travel planner out of me quite yet.  It does feel good to be in one place, but my mind is still all over the place wanting to see it all.

So It looks like we do have plans for the summer!

Okay, so I am back to us hanging out locally in Southern Spain.  We will have a bit of a road trip with our hired car for those 18 nights in July.  After that we will just enjoy our own town.  After all, the population triples in the summer, so we are living in the ultimate summer destination already!  I will still plot and plan for a future adventure.

What are your plans for the Summer?  Share with us what you are doing, as we love to hear all about your adventures as well.

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14 thoughts on “Plans For The Summer?

  1. Hi Heidi
    We are a family from Florida that moved to Benicasim , Castellon just two months ago . We want to thank you for all the help that your blog has been and thanks to your kid’s videos now our 11 year old daughter is not so scared to start a new adventure in Spain even when her Spanish is not so good. I hope you are not melting ( as we are ) in the heat of the summer days. We just took a week tour in Asturias and the climate over there was really nice.

    • Oh Yoandra, I live for comments like this! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know. We pour our hearts, souls and loads of time into this blog, just because we love it! So it always so wonderful to hear that is was worth the effort and helped someone. Well, not just someone, but YOU!

      It is tough on the kids, but I think they fly through it all better than us adults. It is great that the videos were helpful and we are planning on making more. If there is anything of interest you would want to know from the kids, just send us an email and we will see if we can video answer!

      Thank you so much. If you are ever in the south, do look us up.

  2. Highly recommend you consider exploring Asturias this summer. Given the extreme heat of Andalucia and most of Spain at this time you will welcome the cool temps, occasional rain & unbelievable beauty there as well as the hospitality found in this Paraiso Natural. We just returned from hiking in the Quiros area with Spanish Steps company ( & cannot wait to return! We hope to spend a bit more time enjoying the parks, mercados and architecture of Oviedo next time too! We also loved exploring Bilbao for a couple of days. Again, beautiful but not too crowded and such fantastic hospitality. What a great town to explore on foot, bike or using their great metro system.

    • Thanks so much for your suggestinos Lynn! For now we are going to be in Andalucia for the first week, if the heat doesn’t kill us. We really do want to explore all of the places you mentioned too. We will see where we end up.

  3. Why not try Morocco? Have you been before? My sister just went there a month ago and raved about it. It seems like it’d be really easy to get there.

    Take a bus to Gibraltar and the Ferry across to Tangiers(takes about an hour). Food is great and cheap, and it’s a very safe country. Just a thought if you haven’t already been. will show you the route.

    • Hey Marcos. Yes we have been to Morocco and loved it. Not a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion, but I think we are sticking close to Granada and Malaga area.

  4. Sounds like summer in Spain is going to be amazing!!! Making it to Spain for the summer WAS our plan at the beginning of the year, but we’ve changed things around significantly – we’re now doing a housesit in South Korea for most of the summer (just started this past week) and are actually really loving the area where it is!

    • Nope, we think it is pretty awesome. It is just difficult for me to let my mind rest and stop planning travel. 🙂 Where are you having your gap year escape Amar? Did you stick to one year? We can’t seem to stop and go back.

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