Ouch! That Hurt!

Last night I lost my 5th tooth, it’s the 2nd one actually in Spain!

It was tiny, but pointy at the top and was wiggly. I was trying to get it out, but it didn’t want to go. I got it so loose that it was hanging down just on one side. I could move it out with just my tongue, but I couldn’t pull it all the way out. I got a tissue and started to twist and pull down.
I asked my parents if I could pull it out this time. Usually, they pull it out for me. This time I wanted to do it by myself. It was ready to come out there
I cleaned it in the sink and then put it into a container under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy. At 9:30, Lars and I had a sleep over in my room. We tried to find the Tooth Fairy, but we couldn’t do it because we fell asleep too fast. Lars woke up at 6:00am and said he saw the Tooth Fairy. He woke me up and said “I saw the Tooth Fairy”. I woke up quick! In the container there was a packet of sugar free gum, 1 Euro and a note. I read the note, just look below to see it and then. I grabbed it just a little bit and it came out on its own! I was excited a lot!

I felt so so excited!  I have another tooth that is loose, so I will see her again soon.  🙂




5 thoughts on “Ouch! That Hurt!

  1. I’ve never seen the tooth fairy, but Patti and I really did see Santa Clause one year. We were on the top bunk in our bedroom and watched for hours out the window and finally we both saw him in his sleigh going right over Mrs. Cocke’s house! We know people are doubtful about our sighting, but we both still vividly remember it 60 years later!

  2. Here in Spain my kids receive the visit of Ratoncito Pérez (instead of the tooth fairy), the only thing that gets them to go to bed is the threat that little mousy Pérez won’t come if they’re still up by the time dawn swings around (yes they really do make the effort to stay up all night). I think the only nights they succeed in going to bed early are when they’ve got a tooth under the pillow or the night before Christmas and before Reyes LOL.

  3. Cute story, Anya! My best story about losing a tooth was one of my last ones to come out. It was stubborn and didn’t want to come out. I was sitting on the floor with my younger sister (she must have been 4 at the time) complaining about the tooth that wouldn’t come out. She said “I’ll get it out”, and promptly punched me in the mouth!! The tooth fell out too! My sister was mean back then LOL!

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