Next Up For Wagoners Abroad – Decision Made!

Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

Having fun in Southeast Asia! The Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

As we mentioned previously, we have been trying to figure out what to do next.  You can read all about it in our recent post.  Decisions, Decisions – What’s Next For Wagoners Abroad?  So now it is time to let you in on the plan, but first let me tell you how we got there.

How do you know when you made the right decision?

We kept going back and forth on what we wanted to do, what we should do and what could afford to do.  Believe me, those things don’t always align like they should.  The bottom line is we just thought about it for a bit.  And me with my goofy way of thinking let the universe speak to us.

Yep, I tell ya it was obvious once we started paying attention. We are often contacted by readers of the blog via email, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.  People are full of questions and wanting advice and tips from us.  We are always so thrilled to hear their stories and help them where we can.  Just at the time of all of this churn in our conversations about what to do, we started getting more and more reader emails.  These emails had absolutely nothing to do with our decision, but they were all full of questions about Spain.

Of course as I answer each and every email, I have a smile on my face writing to them about a favorite location or how to get from point A to point B.  Perhaps it is to answer a visa question, either way it was all about Spain.  It was a bit odd as over a 5 day period, we received about 3-4 contacts a day and it is usually maybe 1 every day or every other day.

So call me crazy, I took that as a sign.  I thought, we should really be in Spain. I brought up the subject with the family one more time and had them all dig deep to see what we all wanted.  We all want to see the world and we want to keep traveling, but none of us want to give up our Spanish residency.  Spain ticks all of the boxes for what we want, just as it did when we first started this journey.

We are heading back to Spain for sure!

We should have just read our own blog post – 65 Reasons Why We Love Costa Tropical Spain! Cliffs in Cotobro We haven’t booked our flights yet, but the plan is to arrive sometime in May.  This gives us a few more months to enjoy Southeast Asia, for a total of 11 months.  We will do some island hopping in Thailand and likely finish up in Malaysia.  We are looking for house sits in Southeast Asia or Europe for April/May, so we have no idea where we will be.  That is a pretty exciting too.

We do know we will be in Almuñécar at the end of May and we’re getting excited about the plan. This gives us the summer to get reacquainted with the language and the kids can go to school again in the fall.  We reached out to our former landlord and wouldn’t you know it, the apartment is available!

Yep, we will be moving back into our same apartment, with that gorgeous sea view.  Things are beginning to line up nicely and easily too.  That is when you know you are making the right choice, when things are easy.

So for the past 2 days, the entire family has had a bit of a buzz and the kids have already reached out to their friends.  It seems we are all super excited about this decision and now I don’t know why it was so difficult to make in the first place.  All on her own, Anya is doing homeschool work like crazy all of a sudden, as she wants to be sure she is caught up with her friends.

We will use our apartment in Almuñécar as a home base, just as we did before, and travel around Europe.  The best part of it all, we can always change our minds at any time and move along.  I don’t think we will, but it feels good.  Spain just feels like home and in some ways more so than the USA.

It is going to be a bit strange as some of our readers have since settled in Spain, even in Almuñécar, so we will be bumping into you around town!

Let us know what you think and maybe we will see you there.

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24 thoughts on “Next Up For Wagoners Abroad – Decision Made!

  1. Can’t see that as a difficult decision. As you know we loved Almunecar and would return in a heart beat too. Our path just doesn’t seem to pass. We are now in Vietnam after being in Cambodia for 3 weeks. Siem Reap stole our hearts. Hope you enjoy it.

    • Roxanne! You were in Siem Reap for 3 weeks! We were too. We left on Januray 27th, did our paths cross and we didn’t know it? Oh no!
      We are in Koh Tao now and heading to Koh Phangan, Koh Samui and more… shoot! By the way, we are headed back to Spain around May or so!

  2. It’s great when you make a decision and you know in your gut it’s right. I was a bit nervous about returning to the USA. When some of our expat friends in Malaysia were offered an extension on their contract but we were not, I remember thinking that I didn’t mind at all. That’s when I know that I could head back to America without regrets. It was like being able to leave a good meal being comfortably satisfied but not overstuffed.

    • Exactly Michele, That’s a perfect analagy. You no longer had the hunger to stay. We do, for now. Thanks for the comment.

    • Oh thanks so much Paula. We really are, so I don’t know why we made it so difficult on ourselves. We love Spain and all of our friends there. So excited. We still have more time in Asia, so we want to enjoy that too.

    • I am dancing with you Melanie. You bet we are going to meet. I was even looking at a house sit in April up near you. It was in the boonies, but I said we could at least meet up with the Murrish family. We haven’t had a reply yet. When will you be in Spain?

      • LOL You crack me up! We just sent Alan’s mom a Costco run list, as we meet her in Thailand in a few weeks. Taco seasoning is on there and we are willing to carry it around in our luggage a couple of months too. We will even give up clothes to make room.

  3. Well that’s great news because you can visit us in France easy peasy! Enjoy the rest of your time in Asia and see you back in Europe soon x

  4. Congrats guys! Spain sings to you. Like Bali sings to me and my wife Kelli, which is why in 4 days we’ll be flying back to there for another 4 months. We also vibe with Thailand, so we may visit after doing Bali. That’s the thing; with travel, you’ll want to see new places but 1 spot stays in your heart, usually, and you’ll go back because it’s so much darn fun.

    Hey I love that Bamboo Train! Image takes me back because I remember riding it, then speaking to a guy in some village along the way who said I looked like John Cena. Then he talked about watching wrestling on TV at MSG in New York and he was floored when I told him I grew up right by MSG. Fun stuff.

    Thanks guys and enjoy your travels!


    • Ryan, Ryan, Rayn 🙂 You know what I love most about your comments? That you comment with heart! I love your stories and that we are able to trigger some good memories for you. Hey, I haven’t been to Bali yet and I am in fear of going. That may be another place I become attached to and then what would I do? OH! I love how small this world is and I have a jaw dropping story for you.

      20 or so years ago, my mom (the infamous Gma Bev) and I decided to go backpacking in Costa Rica. At the time I was working as a hotel manager in San Francisco and a co-worker mentioned that I should look up his blonde surfer friend, named Jason, while I was in Costa Rica. I said sure, but my friend had no clue where Jason lived in the country. Nor did he ever tell me Jason’s last name.

      Well, mom and I were all over that country and saw a million (okay maybe not that many, but loads) of blonde surfer dudes. We went to San Jose, the West Coast and the East Coast. We ended up in this little village name Cajuita and realized we were just steps away from Panama (or so it seemed on a map, no google back then). So we hopped on a local bus to make our way an hour or so south to step foot in Panama. On our return we stopped to pick up some people in the middle of a dusty banana plantation. I don’t even know where these people came from, as there wasn’t a town or building in sight. Blonde surfer dude one million and one stepped onto the bus.

      Out of no where, mom decides to yell “Jason!”

      I kid you not, the guy looked up and said “yeah”. WHAT! He walked back and I told him the story. It was him!! It was the right Jason. He knew my friends wife’s name and where they worked, without me mentioning a thing. We chatted and I tape recorded him. No way was my friend going to believe me. Anyway, long story and I am full of them…. It is a small world and I love it all!

  5. So glad you reached a decision. I love that deep breath you take when that happens. Now could you help me reach one? 🙂

    • It does feel good Erin. I’d love to help you. Having the same problem? Ha! It is tough deciding on a home base, but that is what works best for us. I think because our kids are older too. We do want to see it all, it will just be in smaller chunks. Feel free to ping me if you really want a sounding board. You always know where I am lady!

  6. Fantastico! That was my gut feeling as well.
    Glad you figured it out.

    I’m curious: what do children in Spain do all summer long? I mean, are there summer camps and activities the way we have in the USA (and other places)?
    I’d love to take my boys somewhere over the Summer Holidays to learn more Spanish but I’m not sure where.

    • Oh Darcy, sometimes everyone else knows but you, because it is staring you right in the face! 🙂

      As far as summer camps like the USA, I have not seen any of that in our town. That said, I would imagine there has to be something like that in the bigger cities. Kids just hang out and swim and play outside, go to the beach and things like that. You will see kids hanging out with their parents at the shop (shop owners) etc. Kids just hang out. I will have to look into that when we get back.

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