New Holiday – Lars And I Created Sibling Day!

How did we come up with Sibling Day?

Lars and I were hanging out in his room and just chit-chatting over Christmas break.  We were thinking that there are special days for Parents and Grandparents, but we thought there should be a sibling day too.  So, we decided to make our own.  We thought we should each have our own day and they should be called Bro Day (Brother’s Day) and Sis Day (Sister’s Day).New Holiday (Sibling Day) - Bro Day 2014

How did we pick out the days to celebrate?

We were deciding what day it could be and it couldn’t be February because it already had Valentines as a holiday.  We couldn’t do December because it already had Christmas, so we decided to pick months that didn’t already have a holiday.   We picked the month we each wanted for our special day, March and August.

After that we picked the day so it was on the weekend, that way we could sleep in late and be treated special all day.  Once we picked the month we each chose our own date.  Lars picked 2nd Saturday in March (March 8th) and I picked the 3rd Saturday in August (August 16th).  I wanted the month of August because it was close to my birthday and the end of summer.  Lars picked his because he likes Spring, the month of March, and it is close to his birthday too.

 What do we do on Bro Day and Sis Day?

This is the day that one sibling has to be nice to the other one, the whole day. We also decided to give them a gift, like chocolate, a card or fix them breakfast and treat them special.  On March 8th we celebrated Bro Day for Lars.

The night before I made signs and I blew up some balloons.  I woke up early, before anybody else, and I decorated the house.  I put balloons all over the floor and the walls and on the Bro Day Chair.  I hung up signs above the fireplace, next to the mirror and on the glass door.  Out on the terrace I had a gift of chocolate covered marshmallow bears for him.  I was nice to Lars almost the entire day.  We went out for a walk and it was really warm and nice.  We played some fútbol on the beach and then watched some TV at home.

I had a lot of fun on Bro Day and I hope Lars did too.  I can’t wait for my Sis Day in Southeast Asia!

Anya goofing off, while setting up for our new holiday - Bro Day.
Anya goofing off, while setting up for our new holiday – Bro Day.

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Hi this is Heidi.  Don’t tell the kids but Sibling Day already exists in America (April 10th).  We will just let them have their day.

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