My 1st Feliz Cumpleanos in Spain!

Feliz CumpleanosI got an invitation to a Birthday party for this weekend. My friend Paula A. and her dad picked me up today for the party. We got there and walked into the house and there was a room full of balloons. There were 8 girls at the Feliz Cumpleanos party in all. We all just kind of played around in the room and popped around 5 balloons.  We did Karaoke and I did Gangnam Style with Paula R. It was loud because Rosa she was really singing loud.

After playing we had some food like Cheetos,  gum sticks and some hamburger tasting crackers. This was just different from any parties I have been to in the U.S.  We had a cake, but it was mousse and toffee in layers. I didn’t really like it, because I don’t eat mousse. She opened presents. I gave her a pink fluffy scarf with Hello Kitty and a slinky. Other people gave her Monster High perfume, stickers and a charm bracelet.

Let’s Sing Feliz Cumpleanos

We did a birthday song in Spanish and then they asked me to sing Happy Birthday in English. They only know the “Happy Birthday To You” part and I had to sing the rest. I was happy. I had to speak Spanish with everyone, because they don’t speak any English. I couldn’t have done that when we first got here.    Bye!

6 thoughts on “My 1st Feliz Cumpleanos in Spain!

  1. So glad you ended up having a good time. How wonderful that you were able to speak Spanish with your friends. We are sooooooo impressed with you.
    Carol and Stan

  2. Glad you had fun, Anya. ¿Cuándo cumples tú años? ¿Vas a tener una fiesta? What are birthday parties like in the States?

    • mi cumpleaños es en septiembre. que fue de 2 días después de empezar las clases, así que no tenía una fiesta de este año. In the States they usually have pizza, cake and ice cream. It would be at a skating ring or bowling. It isn’t usually at someone’s house. But I liked going to my first party here in Spain. It was fun.

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