What about the move for the kids? What do they think?

Several people have asked “What about the move for the kids?”

What do the kids think about the move?  We thought we would let them tell you themselves.  Our kids were born and raised in the same home in Apex, North Carolina.  They have vacationed with us in several US States and a few other countries.  They have both flown too many times to count and have visited family all over the US.   We have decided to interview them on video and let them tell you what they think about this move to Spain. Enjoy!

Move for the kids?

The interview took several iterations, so ignore the clothing change. 🙂

 How is the move for the kids?

Check out their interview prior to our move to Spain.


12 thoughts on “What about the move for the kids? What do they think?

  1. Hi – we are moving to Spain with our four young children. My dh will download the book. We lived in Hatteras Island for a year – so beautiful…for two months or three of the year and then WOW WOW WOW…it snowed on the beach lol and it was hurricanes and madness and since Warren can work from home we thought was are we DOING here?! We have been living for two years in Mexico, and now we have decided to make the move to Spain. We are strongly inclined to the Galicia area. Once we settle and buy our house – should you ever want to visit – come! We are looking into buying a property that will have a nice wee guesthouse or some other accomodation in it. xoxo Di

    • Oh that is so exciting. We love Mexico too! We lived in NC for 12 years, just outside of Raleigh. Anyway, glad you will be making the move to Spain. Galicia is gorgeous we just spent about 8 days exploring the area. It was incredible in the summer, but not sure how cold it gets in the winter. I think you will find most of coastal Spain very affordable, excluding the big cities. You have the right idea to just make your home where you want it. Thanks for reaching out to us via email as well. You are so kind and we appreciate all of the complements! Can’t wait to hear about your progress.

  2. Hi,where exactly in Andalusia you live?and do the kids go to public or privet school?did you and your husband and the kids spoke Spanish when you first moved there?is it easy for kids to make new friends there and are the locals friendly?how much is the monthly rent approximately ?thank you.

    • Hi Marina, Thanks for your comment. We live in Almunecar Spain, about 45 min east of Malaga and 45 min south of Granada on the coast. We have a 3 bed 2 bath furnished apartment for 610 euros a month. Click here to see all of our expenses. This varies depending on location, they range from 400-1400 euros a month (apartment to villa). I spoke a little bit of Spanish, the kids only knew their colors and numbers. Alan was in between. The kids attend regular public school, How are the kids doing in public school after their 1st trimester?

      I hope that helps. Where are you from? When are you hoping to move to Spain?

      here is more about moving to spain.

      • I’m living in Houston Texas,but hoping to move to Spain soon with my husband and 7 y.o daughter.not sure exactly when yet lol.thx for your reply,it really helped.

        • Oh that sounds exciting. Anya was 7 when we moved over, a great age! Yes, figuring out where to live is a tough choice. We searched online and were certain we wanted to be near Valencia. Then when we came to visit, we fell in love with Almunecar 6 hours away from Valencia. You really need to first figure out what is important to you with cost, weather, sea, mountains, farm, expats or very local, etc. We have some tip on how to choose where to live in Spain here. If you ever need a quick skype call, to get several questions answered, or help at all, we also offer moving to Spain consulting. This save many people hours of online research, just with a quick call.

          Feel free to keep us up to date on your move, it will be exciting.

  3. Wow! Blast from the past!
    They are so little in the video 🙂
    Hope you guys are enjoying spain this time around. Hope we can visit when we’re there in a couple weeks!!

    • I know, they were so little. Still the same personalities though. We would love to see you, if you make it down this way. We are loving Spain!

  4. Hi, Heidi! After overcoming my initial envy, I decided to learn as much as I can about your experience. Your kids are adorable! So smart and well-adjusted. I hope they’re having a blast in Espa~a. More comments (and probably questions) later. Hasta pronto!–Lillian

    • Hi Lillian! Don’t be envious, just do it! LOL Thanks for finding us and leaving a comment too. We love comments. If you don’t comment, we don’t know if you are there. 🙂 Thank you, we think are kids are adorable too, but WARNING – our opinion may be a bit biased.

      Please do feel free to comment and tell us a bit more about you and your dream. Do you have kids too?

      We just had a 2nd grade class in NC interview us yesterday. We are working on the blog post and video from the interview, so stay tuned.

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