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Our visibility continues to increase.  We’ve done so many articles on what it’s like to live here in idyllic Almuñécar that we became noticed by local officials in the Ayuntamiento (the equivalent of a Town Hall).  Apparently the wife of the Town Planner found our site through a friend.  She told her husband, and he brought it up to the Equipo de Gobierno (Government Team).


A vote was held, and the local Alcadesa (Mayor) has agreed to make today the Dia del Wagoner, and I will get to be Mayor for the Day.  How cool is that!?  The current Mayor (Ms. Trinidad Herrera Lorente), will show me the ropes, and generally be available to make sure I don’t make an ass out of myself.  (Good luck with that!).

One of the things that’s a bit different here is that not only does the role of Alcaldeso include administerial duties, but judicial ones as well.  This means reviewing some of the local court’s legal cases.  The most publicized case has centered around a tourist who has been unlocking shopping carts at the local stores.  It’s had the community a bit up in arms with citizens complaining that requiring coins to use the carts is unfair and discriminatory to the coinless.  While the business owners say the coins are necessary to fight theft and communism.  While it’s unlikely that I would get to participate in such a high profile case, I hope I’m able to “listen in“.

I am really looking forward to this as it will give me a better insight into Spanish politics.  And, of course, I’ll do a write-up of the entire experience.  Stay tuned!


By the way.  For those not familiar with the importance of today’s date in the U.S. ,and other parts of the world…April Fool’s!  Happy April Fools Day.

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Alan digs on technology and travel and is definitely the comic in the family. He's traveled all over the globe in search of cultural experiences. He has a fantastic wife and two great children that put up with his "humor", and luckily they all love travel as well. In Aug 2012, they sold their house and all of their possessions and moved to Spain to soak up the culture. He has written a book titled Live In Spain to help those wanting to obtain a Spanish Resident Visa. He also loves to write about the funnier side of the family's adventures.

12 thoughts on “Mayor for a Day

        • He is good, isn’t he?
          Ok, you can send money hee hee hee :-).

          Save your money so you can sweep your family away to a foreign land as well. What part of the UK are in you? If we happen up that way over the summer, we can look you up.

          • Sunny Sunderland northeast England LOL! Close to Durham and Newcastle. Defo look us up if you get to these parts-we’d love to show you around. It’s funny, but we have contemplated moving to Spain for about 20 years now haha! I’m great on procrastination! My in-laws live in Portugal and we have holidayed on the Iberian peninsula many times. I’m trying to figure out how we can all travel around Spain for a year to get it out of my system!

  1. You really fooled me, Alan. I was so excited for you until you reminded us that it was April Fool’s Day. Very believable hoax.

    • I love it! I wasn’t going to put the “April Fools!” at the end, but Bev and Heidi told me I should. I thought I went over the top when I mentioned communism, but I guess not.

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