A Luxury Holiday At A French Chateau Rental

Celebrate in style, read our tips when looking for a French Chateau for rent.  This is the perfect idea for a family reunion, a gathering of friends, or even a French Chateau wedding!Celebrate in style, read our tips when looking for a French Chateau for rent. The perfect idea for a family reunion or a French Chateau wedding! Read more on WagonersAbraod.com

Gather up 10 – 40 of your closest friends or family and plan that trip to France!  Yes, I am serious.  Imagine everyone gathering together for that special occasion at a luxury French chateau holiday rental.  On a whim, I started searching for that dream of the entire family meeting together in Europe.  I know it is just a dream, but does it have to be? Out for a walk Champagne France

We have had some amazing family holidays in France with just the four of us.  We stayed a great place in Champagne on a vineyard and had a private tour of the cellars.  We’ve also stayed in the south of France with a winemaker, but what about sharing those amazing experiences with the extended family? Champagne Couvent Lémery - A wonderful place

French Castle For Rent

I started browsing around wondering if there was an affordable way for everyone to meet up and have a luxurious holiday.  I have found castles and chateaus in France that will hold from 14 – 40 people and rates from €3000 on up per week.  Don’t rule things out because of the price, because if everyone splits the bill it can be very affordable.


For example, if you had a family reunion holiday with 19 people, you could get an amazing castle with 9 bedrooms in the southwest of France, for just €4,000 for a week.  Divide that by 19 and that is just €210 per person, for an entire week!  Imagine arriving at the entrance and crossing a drawbridge, then after passing the gatehouse you see a grand courtyard with a Renaissance-style chateau with turreted towers.  Spending a week with your family, enjoying wine in one of the many courtyards, cooking together in a grand kitchen, and letting the kids explore the estate.

French Chateau For Rent

Luxury French Chateau in Normandy

Imagine celebrating a milestone anniversary or maybe a French chateau wedding!  Invite up to 40 people and you could get an amazing French chateau in Normandy for €21,000 for a week.  There would be plenty of time to prep for the special day and then enjoy the French countryside after.  There was one estate that had 16 bedrooms and its own movie theater, with 40 seats!  Also a Jacuzzi for 15 people and a luxury pool. How fun would that be?

What About Meals?

There are a couple of approaches to having so many people gather together and different eating habits could be a problem too.

On Your Own

You could have each family or couple in charge of their own meals and grocery shopping.  This may work out well if you have kids involved or special eating requirements.  It will also allow you the best control over your individual expense budget for meals and food.

Pick a day

Another approach would be to assign specific meals or days to each family.  Perhaps each family is assigned one day for breakfast or dinner for everyone.  That way you would only have to worry about shopping and cooking for one day!  The rest of the time you can just enjoy it all.

share it all

Perhaps everyone loves cooking?  Just do a big shop together, cook together and split the bill.  Just divide it up per family or per person.  This way everyone is involved and let the kitchen bring everyone together.  There wouldn’t be any pressure for one person to cook for the entire group, maybe each person has a special side dish, salad, or main meal they are best at.


More Reference Materials, Including Things to do

Tell us about it!

If you find a French chateau for rent and decide to take a big family holiday, please tell us about it.  Maybe you have done it in the past, let us know how it went.

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