How About A Trip To Spain?

What flashes before the eyes when the word Spain crosses your mind?  White Hillside Villages, Flamenco dancers, great tapas and Bullfighters!

Holiday in Spain - Finding the perfect rental for your trip to spain

Spain is full of life and absolutely mesmerizing with an awesome warm Mediterranean climate.  What’s better than getting sun-kissed on the gorgeous and fantastic beaches of Spain?  Spain has been the cultural center of Europe for hundreds of years.  It’s beautiful cities and towns which offer historic monuments and ultramodern architecture are the quintessence of the country.  Spain also showers its visitors with amazing shopping, dining and nightlife which attract many tourists here.

Best Time to Visit Spain

Generally July and August are considered as the best periods to visit Spain because the sun is out many hours.  These months are also generally the busiest months due to many international travelers holidaying in the country.  In these months, getting a tan is a guarantee.  However if you don’t enjoy hot weather, these are the months to avoid. May/June and September/October are more favorable months.  The northern side of Spain, like Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela, are much cooler at this time.  Many of the tourists have departed and you can also enjoy the Costa’s just before things slow down for the winter.

Festivals in the Country

Other reasons for particular months being crowded in the country are the superb festivals. Buñol near Valencia gets busy during late August due to the La Tomatina Festival.  San Fermin Festival or the Bull Run Festival in early July in Pamplona is another famous event in the country.  One of our favorites happens every June, La Fiesta del Aqua y Jamón in Lanjarón.  Las Fallas on the Costa Blanca in Valencia held in March also attracts many international tourists.  The Spanish Carnival, which is one of the best festivals in Spain is held in many cities but the ones in Cadiz, Madrid and Barcelona are quite popular. This carnival is generally held in February; however it is advisable to check dates prior to planning a trip.

Carnaval in Cádiz

Best Places to visit in Spain

Beaches are the most popular reason to attend Spain.  Even though Spain includes more than 5,000 miles of coastline and is full of gorgeous beaches, there are some beaches which stand out.  La Concha Beach in San Sebastian is one of the finest beach cities not only in Spain but entire Europe. Therefore La Concha Beach should definitely be one of the itineraries while visiting Spain.  We have yet to visit, but it is one that is on our list. Of course we love Costa Tropical, but don’t rule out Costa Brava and Costa del Sol.  They are a bit more crowded with tourists, but it is all a matter of taste.

Don’t forget to visit Southern Spain, as you will be in for a treat.  The City of Seville is also one of the best places to see in the country.  Seville is truly enchanting with its amazing architectural buildings.  The Cathedral with Giralda Tower, Alcazar Castle and Plaza de España are just some of the amazing structures to check out in the city.  The Feria de Abril is one magical sight to see, so try to make it in April.

And last but not the least, a tour to Spain generally initiates with Barcelona and is almost incomplete if you haven’t seen the city.  Barcelona offers everything one would desire to experience in a European city.  Everything from commendable historic architecture to experiencing the innate culture, awesome nightlife and grand shopping prospects.  The artsy vibe of the city just draws you in for more.

Summer Road Trip

Take me on a trip to Spain!

Since there is a lot to see and so much to do in Spain, you would think it would be too expensive.  I think everyone would be surprised how reasonable Spain is as a European destination.  If you choose a holiday deal or package, it would be a lot cheaper and can cover all the major attractions and cities in the country.

Some of these websites also offers holiday price comparison which is useful to know the choices at hand while planning a vacation.  So, you have many good reasons to book your holiday to Spain and take pleasure in an unforgettable experience.  Don’t forget to gorge on delicious Tapas and yummy Paella once in Spain!

Organized Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest deals for your trip to Spain!

Where to Stay in Spain

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4 thoughts on “How About A Trip To Spain?”

  1. Hey Heidi we been following you for awhile! Thank you so much for your inspiring blogs! We moved from Baja Mexico to Chiang Mai Thailand and so far love it!! We plan to stay 8 mos then looking into moving to Spain!! The only issue here is the schools for the kids here are pricey so we are taking Thai class so we can stay on an Ed visa. So far it’s been pretty exciting and interesting. I feel we will settle in Spain in the next 6-8 mos as my kids are fluent in Spanish as well. why did you move back to Spain! Wish to know. I think Spain will be it for us lol to stay awhile. Thank you so much for your inspiring videos and blogs keep them coming 🙂

    1. Hi Druanna! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Oh we did love Chiang Mai and Southeast Asia. That said, we returned to Spain as we all missed the life of having a home base and the kids missed their friends too. We found it to be exactly the same cost of living to be located in one place in Spain, as a home base for travel, versus being nomadic in Asia. We like the very short school hours here in the south, from 9am-2pm and the kids get plenty of Spanish immersion and socialization too. We have and always will supplement their education and find we like having a school as a base, rather than just homeschool. Our family just functions better with a bit of structure and routine, so we can all be educated and have time to work as well.

      We have residency in Spain and it was time for us to renew this summer, so that is why we returned when we did. Once we are through this renewal process we are good for an additional 2 years in Spain. At the end of that period (after 5 yrs), we will be up for a 5 year renewal. We didn’t want to give up the 3 years of time we already put into the residency process. Ultimately, if we stay, this is a European ticket for the kids for university as well. I hope that helps. If you are looking into obtaining a residence visa in Spain, we have an ebook Live in Spain and we also offer consulting. Of course we have loads of free info about moving to Spain on the blog here too!

      I hope that helps.

  2. Hi Heidi, nice article and site here. On my 5 trips to Spain, I have found that I like the more disputed regions the most – Catalonia, the Basque and the British country of Gibraltar. My favourite Spanish city by far is San Sebastian. Safe travels. Jonny

    1. Hey Jonny, thanks for stopping by! We have yet to visit the North (except Barcelona, we’ve been there). I would love to go to San Sebastian, perhaps we will this year.

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