Wagoners Abroad Nominated for the Liebster Award

When I heard Wagoners Abroad was being nominated for a Liebster Award, I was instantly thinking of all the shellfish I was going to be eating.  That’s when Paula at Contented Traveller, explained to me, “No Alan.  It’s Liebster.  LEEB-ster, not lobster.”  While it wasn’t the award the I initially thought it was, it’s still cool to be nominated by our peer travel bloggers out there for such an award.

Leibster Award

The idea of the Liebster Award is that it’s really about spreading the great words of fellow travel bloggers to a broader audience.  I’m all for that!  The Nominator (Paula) gets to ask the Nominee (Wagoners Abroad) some questions about our travel experiences.  In the near future, we’ll nominate some lucky travel bloggers, and the chain continues.

So without further ado, here are the questions Paula at Contented Traveller asked us:

  1. What made you decide to take up this wonderful gig of travel writing?  We actually started blogging way back in 1997.  If you don’t remember, 56 Kbps download speed was awesome.  When we decided on our radical lifestyle change, we opted to start our new blog (Wagoners Abroad), with the goal of reaching an audience that is looking to follow their dreams of international living.  Over the past two years, we’ve met many families (face-to-face and online) who are making their dreams come true, and it’s a great feeling to know that we’ve inspired so many.
    Seville Spain - Plaza de España
  2. What has been the biggest eye opener in this endeavor?  It’s that you can do it!  Proper planning, and a positive attitude went a long way in making this the best experience we’ve had as a family. Being a dreamer and being optimistic make for a winning combination.
    Wagoner rainbow Wodara Interview
  3. When you read other travel blogs what is the first thing you look at?  It’s probably where they’ve been and how much did it cost!  We’re always looking for a new challenge, and it’s a lot of travel blogs that we’ve read over the past year that has made us want to go see places like Thailand and Malaysia.  So the Wagoners are going to Southeast Asia!
  4. What is one piece of advice that you can share with people who are thinking of trying to get into travel blogging?  Find a place or an aspect of travel that you are passionate about.  There are so many things to do and write about.  Including the good with the bad also helps provide readers with the realities of travelling.  Don’t do it for any reason other than you love it!  If you want to blog, it needs to be about something you are passionate about.
    Murcia Spain - Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath
  5. How do you explain to your friends what you do?  Explaining the “what” is not so hard.  It’s the “How?!” that we still get asked about.  We made some changes in our lifestyle (say, “Simplify” three times), and our philosophy of collecting stuff (don’t collect stuff).  Living a very simple life, makes time for us to live a full and rich life with plenty of amazing experiences.
    Frigiliana Spain - Quad Bikes Wagoners Abroad !
  6. How do you balance social media and writing?  It isn’t easy that is for sure.  Heidi tries to have a schedule and work on social media various times of the day.  She tends to write best when there are no distractions, so early morning or late at night.  Sometimes it can take over the entire day, if there are various friends posts to comment and promote as well, but it is great to be in such a wonderful network of fellow travelers.
  7. How do you publicise how wonderful your blog is?  Doesn’t everyone just automatically know?  Just kidding!  This is all part of the social media work that Heidi does.  It is all about networking and sharing.  We promote ours on most of the social media available and we also do interviews, as well as guest posts on other blogs.  It helps to have many people comment and share our information, so word of mouth is key too.  It is strange doing self promotion, but we make sure we share many of the other great travel blogs out there as well.
    Castril Spain - Running of the Bulls


Now our turn to Pass on the Liebster award to the following travel bloggers

The travel bloggers that we nominate to answer the same questions are:

Come on and tell us what you think!

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