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Just about every day we are contacted by someone who reads our blog or happened to just discover us.  Many times it is someone with some questions about moving to Spain, taking a sabbatical, a vacation or requesting an interview.  We are tapped into for all types of pointers and advice and we love it.  A couple of weeks ago we received a very special kind of contact and it was someone who found us via our YouTube Channel.  She happened upon Wagoners Abroad and our Lars and Anya Interviews.  Here is what she said:

Ms. Amanda reached out to us via email

“I am a 2nd grade teacher in North Carolina who just happened to come across your youtube videos from Spain. I was wondering if you would be interested in my students interviewing your kids via Skype or Google Plus about what life is like in Spain. We are going to be doing a  research project about Spain and would LOVE to hear what your kids have to say.”

Wow!  What a wonderful teacher, to want to give her students information beyond the book!  We love sharing our experiences and showing others how wonderful this world is. Also, the timing was perfect for us.  Alan and I had just completed a 2 hour business brainstorming session.  In that session, we decided we were going to utilize Google Hangouts and video sessions more.  This was perfect for us to give that a try to chat with some kids from North Carolina.  Of course we said YES!

Lars & Anya Interview

Lars & Anya Interview

I know what you are thinking, this was our old school from North Carolina.  Nope.  These students are about 3 hours away from where we lived, so it is just a coincidence.

We met with Amanda in advance and worked out all of the details.  She documented all of the questions from her students and sent them our way, so Lars and Anya could properly prepare for their interview.   We created a slide show about Spain and shared it with them in advance.  You will see the slideshow in the video, but we are beefing it up to share it with you on the blog too.

The prep work was done, the stage was set and it was time for the action.  Thanks to technology, we were able to record the full video and audio session live.  It was about an hour and a half in total, but I have trimmed it down to about one hour.  The kids had some great questions and we thought others may have the same.  Below the video, we will share the list of their questions, but you need to watch to hear the reply.  So go and get a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or beer, and sit back, relax and enjoy the video.


Questions from 2nd graders for Lars & Anya Interview

Festivals and Celebrations:

  1. Are there any bull festivals?
  2. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What do you for Valentines Day?
  3. Do you celebrate the 4th of July? What kinds of festivals do you have? Do you celebrate Halloween?
  4. Do you have a firework festival?

Customs and Culture: 

  1. What kinds of houses do you have? What special holidays do you have? What are schools like?
  2. Do you have electronics?
  3. What does the money look like? What kinds of games do you have? Do you go to church?
  4. What kind of field trips do you go on? What is bullfighting like?
  5. What is the water festival?
  6. What is the lost village?
  7. What is your classroom like?
  8. What is the library like?

People and Dress:

  1. Are glasses popular?
  2. What is the typical dress there?
  3. Are tank tops popular?
  4. Do girls wear dresses? long or short? Do boys wear ties?
  5. Are flip-flops and sandals popular? What are the hairstyles like?
  6. Do you have a uniform at school? What kind of jewelry is popular?
  7. What kinds of book bags do you carry?

Arts and Crafts:

  1. Are tattoos popular?
  2. Do you have murals?
  3. Do you like to paint?
  4. Do you like arts and crafts? Do you like sketching?
  5. Do you know how to weave? Are your buildings pretty?


  1. What are the popular foods that are different? Do you eat dessert?
  2. Do you eat snack?
  3. Do you have good restaurants?
  4. Do you go trick or treating?
  5. Do you eat pizza?, Watermelon?, Cantaloupes? Honey? What are the school lunches like?
  6. What are tapas?
  7. What is a popular drink?

Thank you to Ms. Amanda and her 2nd grade class from Bostic, North Carolina (USA)!

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4 thoughts on “Watch A 2nd Grade Class Interview Lars & Anya

  1. How exciting and what a fun project. I think it is so important for kids to share experiences with different cultures early on. Great job Lars, Anya and Ms. Amanda’s second grade class.

  2. Aw, Thanks Judy! I can’t believe you watched the entire thing. I know it was long, but I just couldn’t cut out any more of the questions. Believe it or not, I removed about 25 min of video. Thanks so much for the comment and for watching it.

  3. Loved the video! I just sat and watched the whole video and totally enjoyed it . Also, learned some new things about Spain that surprised me. Never would have guessed that ham was one of their favorite foods. Nice to know that the kids over there still spend a lot of time playing outside. Good job, Lars and Anya (and Heidi)

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