Just 2 more days!

We were fortunate enough to be able to meet with several of my former colleagues last night for happy hour. It was sure great to see everyone and they will all be missed. Several questions were asked of us, so I thought you may have the same questions as well.

Current status:

We have moved out of our apartment and are staying last few nights in a hotel near the airport. As of today, we no longer own a car and do not require any car insurance. We have picked up some Euros from the bank and are waiting to fly away.

Are you scared or getting nervous?

That is a loaded question and at the time, it was difficult to put into words. Yes and No is a reasonable answer, but doesn’t express how we really feel.  As we have been saying good-bye over the past few weeks, it is really hitting home.  Anya now says she doesn’t really want to go, as she will not see her friends. She also says she kinda wants to go too. Lars is still full steam ahead and is very confident with skype and has already been using technology to keep in touch with his friends.  Alan and I are also full steam ahead.

I can only speak for me when I say I think I have an analogy that may make sense to some.  Imagine you are a roller coaster fanatic and a new them park is opening up just for you to give it a try. This park has advertised it new roller coaster that is the craziest, fastest, and tallest around. It is opening day for the privileged few. Your emotions are all over the place as you are inching your way up to the front of the line. Your senses are in overload as you anticipate the speed, adrenaline the unknown twists and turns.

The time has come and you are on your way. It begins to move and you are in the long ascent up to the highest point. Your stomach is in knots with excitement, anxiety,and maybe even a little scared of the unknown.  Click, click, click…still climbing to the top. You are wondering how many twists and turns there will be. How many surprise moments and will you scream with joy or be nauseous from the ride?

This is the feeling we have!  We can somewhat anticipate what we are in for, but we won’t be sure until we get there and actually ride the ride.  We know we will love it and we know there will be plenty of surprises, both good and challenging. We are so excited, but not really scared. But that wait in line and the climb to the top has been a long time coming. On Saturday we will be on a plane and near the peak for the ride of our lives.  🙂

Do you know where you are going to live and do you have a place?

As mentioned previously, we loved southern Med coast. And that has been our “solid” plan, until recently. A couple of weeks ago, Alan and I were second guessing our choice of a small town with a population of 25k. Should we live in the outskirts of a big city instead and forego buy a car. Just live the public transportation life and be near museums and the offerings of a city.  Actually we want both and really can’t decide. The problem is, we have too many choice and I am sure we would love any of them. We just need to decide and if we don’t like it, then we can move.

This is why we are going to spend about 5 days in the Valencia area, prior to heading down towards the south.  We will check out this city to see if it is where we wan to live. If so, the we will just stay there and find an apartment long-term.  If we are still in question, we will head down south and spend a week there. At that point we will decide what we think is best for us all.  So we only know exactly where we are going to be until Sept 1st. After that it is all “play it by ear”.  So keep up with the blog and we will try to capture our options, thoughts and decisions.

As always, feel free to comment or ask questions in the blog. If there is a topic of interest, just let us know. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for taking the pictures Ellen.





4 thoughts on “Just 2 more days!

  1. love your analogy…..that describes just how i feel for you, also! i wish you, alan, lars and anya nothing but good times and an exciting adventure.

  2. Oh I didn’t know you guys would be at MEZ I would have stopped by just to say goodbye! So excited for you guys. Can’t wait to keep up with the blog and all of your adventures. Best of luck to you all in your move.

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