Jelly anyone?

Yet another beautiful sunny day here in Almuñécar . I read there are over 340 days of sun, so I am sure we will miss the thunderstorms of NC eventually. Anyway, what better to do on a Saturday afternoon, but to head 2 blocks down to the beach. Now the beach here isn’t the crystal white sand that the majority of us dream of. Instead it is more pebbles and very coarse sand, but hey it is the MED!  Off we go into the crisp and refreshing laps of Mediterranean waves. A bit on the burr side at first and then once you are numb, it feels just fine.

The Wagoner clan was just entering about mid shin level and I yelped! Something was on my ankle.  I looked down and it was a thin hair like looking thing wrapped around my leg, with all kinds of burning pain to go along with it.  I wash it away and realize it was a Jelly fish tentacle.  I warned the bunch, hopped around yelping and then we went in any way.

About ten minutes later, we have all now fully entered the water and are all afloat and having a good laugh. I felt a zip, zap, sting!  on my left forearm, bicep, neck and my right forearm (don’t forget my ankle from earlier).  I quickly swam to shallow water and hopped out. The sting was radiating all over as if it were an electric shock pulsing through me. OUCH! Sure enough it was a jellyfish and he apparently had a good time with me. I was done with the water for today.

The kids and Alan went back in. I suggested we move down the beach a bit as the lil sucker that got me was likely still around. They all said “What are the odds?”. Apparently for us, the odds were really good.  Not 5 minutes go by and we hear Lars yell “OWWWWW!” and race out of the water.  He got zapped on his neck and shoulder.  We obviously called it a day. As each of our stings began to swell and redden, we packed up and raced home to pour on the vinegar.

I must say, these stings don’t go away quickly. While I had several locations, there weren’t nearly as bad as the 2 Lars had.  His were each the size of my palm.  The vinegar helps (as we learned at Carolina Beach this summer, when Lars was first struck). The swelling has gone down and by tomorrow the sting should be gone completely.  I am sure that will not keep us out of the water, as they are rarely here (so the locals say).

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3 thoughts on “Jelly anyone?

  1. wow…that brings back recent memories for me with Lars! Ouch, it just hurts hearing about it again. Glad i’m going during the cold weather.

  2. Buy some Adolph’s meat tenderizer if you can find it – works wonders on jellyfish stings. It breaks down protein and those are protein-based toxins. One time I was hit by a school of tiny jellyfish while scuba diving. As soon as I was on the boat I yelled for the Adolph’s – my whole face and neck were on fire. It helps quite a bit.

    • We will have to look out for that meat tenderizer. Not sure we have seen anything like that over here thus far. The vinegar helped and we feel much better today.

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