Islands Surrounding Split You Shouldn’t Miss

If you look beyond mainland Croatia, you will discover there are also Croatian islands dotted throughout the sea.  Do you know how many Croatian islands there are?  Let us share a little info with you to help you with your research.

Split Croatia

Croatia: The Country of a Thousand Islands

Croatia is located in the Southeast of Europe, along the Adriatic Sea.  Did you know it consists of precisely 1244 islands, islets, and crags?  Of the 3,600-mile-long radiant and craggy coastline, the Dalmatian Coast is the most visited attraction.  Especially for those who love to island hop and explore!

Scattered just off the shore, you will find incomparable natural beauty on the neighboring islands.  This is exactly why it is an ideal getaway for anyone seeking adventure, tranquility, or an experience that will last a lifetime.  Although more than eighty percent of the islands have no inhabitants, you will certainly find an island to suit your needs and help you create that idyllic vacation.

The variety of islands range from flourishing plant life on the islands to a paradise for the adventure lovers.  Including hiking trails, naturist areas, caves, activities for windsurfers, or fishermen.  It is also a paradise for the foodies!  If you are looking to have the best cheese and wine, or those wanting to just visit some cool popular cocktail bars, you will find it in Croatia.

The purity of Croatia’s coast allows you to enjoy some islands for a weeks stay.  Perhaps you would prefer to visit islands that are small and more deserted.  Some of these can just be a day trip, as overnight stays are not allowed, but they can still create lasting memories.  Regardless of which Adriatic gem you choose to visit, there are plenty of islands to explore.

The Best Islands Near Split

Split is very urban and vivacious.  It is a great starting point to catch a tour to the nearby islands for a day trip.  Upon your return to Split, you may enjoy delicious Croatian cuisine, step into a hip wine bar, or, if you still have a little energy left, you can roam around all the nooks and crannies of the amazing Roman ruin, Diocletian Palace.

Which are the most popular Croatian Islands?

Hvar island Croatia

Some of the most sought-after islands by tourists are Šolta, Brač, Hvar, Vis, Korčula, and Lastovo.  Obviously, there are more, but these are just some of the places you definitely don’t want to miss.

Split, being one of the highest visited cities in Croatia, offers tourists the opportunity to visit these islands with ease and provides many options for organized tours.  They even have assistance with helping you do some island hopping!

These tours are not restricted to only one island per day.  So this gives you maximum flexibility to experience a tour with an educated guide.  They can show you the best of what each place has to offer and inform you of bits of trivia too.

Even though you can take ferries to visit these islands on your own, during peak season it can become a bit of a frenzy and more time-consuming due to travel times.  With the crowds and the demand of people wanting to visit them, a tour can save you time.

These tour guides are eagerly awaiting to take you around some of the most remarkable sights and share their love of Croatia with you.  Most often tours last all day, but help you streamline and organize the day more efficiently.  It gives you the flexibility for a more personalized experience.

What To Expect On Blue Cave Tour

Split is known as a starting point for tours of the Dalmatian Coast, in addition to Trogir (a town near Split).  One of the most requested and famed tours is the Blue Cave and 5 island tour.  You will be able to spend a full day at sea and visit some of the most beautiful Croatian islands.

It will be an experience to see the natural phenomenon of the Blue Cave on Biševo Island.  You may even have the opportunity to experience dolphin watching, as the boats are often accompanied by them on trips.  Included in this tour are the islands of Biševo, Vis, Budikovac, Paklinski, and Hvar.  The tour guide will ensure that you do not miss out on any of the top attractions.  Plus, they will maximize your experience by taking you to places that you would not be able to reach by ferry.

Caves, Lagoons & Charming Towns

Blue Lagoon Croatia

Discover the Blue Cave, swim in a Blue Lagoon, and visit charming small towns like the centuries-old town, Hvar.  This town once provided shelter for ancient Greeks and Romans.  Swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea on a warm day will be on your agenda too.  There will even be time to soak up some sun on the stunning beaches, including Stiniva.  Which was voted best beach in Europe in 2016, located on the south side of Vis.

Stiniva’s dramatic enclosure of massive limestone cliffs gives it a special aura at first sight.  This hidden bay is undeniably beautiful.  If you are not a beach bum and prefer exploring architectural and historical sites, there is something for you too.  The Arsenal is one of the oldest theaters in Europe, plus you can see Hvar’s Cathedral and the Franciscan monastery.

Of course, there is always time to enjoy the local food and wine or grab a cup of coffee too.  There are beach bars, and great restaurants located on the islands. There is no better way to immerse yourself within the natural beauty of Croatia.  Shh, don’t tell too many people.

There is also a 3 Island Tour!

If you are looking for another tour or something in addition to the Blue Cave, try the 3 Island Tour.  It also departs from Split or Trogir and is also very popular.  The three islands included are Brač, Hvar, and Paklinski.

You will be able to spend a full day out on the sea, visiting some of the most beautiful Croatian islands, beaches, hidden bays and old towns.  This tour highlights the true beauty of the central Dalmatian islands and gives you the privilege to enjoy it all.

From perfect scenery to panoramic views, crystal clear seas that show various shades of blue, you will love it.  There will be time to explore some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and charming old towns rich with history.  This tour includes two small towns, Milna and Bol.


Small Towns

Brač Croatia

When you visit Brač, you will stop at the world’s famous Zlatni rat beach and Golden Horn, for swimming and snorkeling.  Milna is a small and picturesque fisherman village on the island of Brač, which has been a sailor’s favorite since the old days.  This little village provides the best shelter, as it sits in the deep bay on the island.  There are small stone houses along the beautiful long coastline, which adds to the true charm of Milna.

Hvar, known as the sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea, has a long history of being the center for trade and culture in the Adriatic.  Spanning from ancient Greeks and Romans to the French empire during Napoleon’s time.  As part of the Venetian Empire, Hvar was an important naval base with a strong fortress overseeing the town, named Spanjola.

It is a packed day tour which allows you to see historical sights, experience beautiful beaches and enjoy the local food and wine.

Split’s location on the coast is the ideal spot and the perfect base to explore more of Croatia. If you choose to spend your vacation time discovering the ancient history and fabulous coastline, it will be rewarding.  No one can guarantee that the weather will always be perfect, but one thing is for sure you will have excellent experience exploring islands near Split.

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