A Private Picnic On A Remote Island! Koh Samui Thailand

Imagine being greeted at your hotel and taken to the southern shores of Koh Samui.  You board your own private long-tail boat and are transported to a remote island.  Of course this is all atop the most beautiful blue waters you will ever see.  You stop in a perfectly remote location to snorkel a bit and have the entire reef to yourself.  Then you move on to another island, where a gourmet lunch is served, just for you!  Okay, now you are listening.  Let me tell you about our experience.

If you want an experience to remember, come to Koh Samui and have a private day out for a picnic. We had an amazing day with Island Gem Picnic. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Several months ago when living in Chiang Mai, we met up with fellow travelers Carolann and Macrae from OneModernCouple.  We met up with them a few times to hang out and really hit it off.  We just adored them and felt like they had a similar travel style to us.  They left Chiang Mai and headed to southern Thailand.  The were posting photos of the most beautiful seascapes and wonderful activities.  it was at that moment our plan for the southern islands hatched.  I wanted to see that and experience what they were doing.  One of my favorites from them was their time on a private romantic picnic for their anniversary.

Obviously we are a family of 4, so how romantic can a picnic be, right?   Well, we wanted to give it a try too.  So we contacted Island Gem Picnic, the same company they used.  We exchanged emails with Gavin, selecting our menu. Of course we opted for the Western menu over the Asian menu.  We do love Asian food, but finding Western food is a treat.  Next thing you know we have a date for our own private picnic too!

Wagoners Abroad on a private Island Gem Picnic Koh Samui Thailand

Island Gem Picnic – A private day out with Wagoners Abroad

We were greeted at our hotel by two lovely young ladies and a minivan driver to take us to the south of Koh Samui.  We were staying in Chaweng Beach area, so it was about a 20 minute drive.  The kids were so excited as they had never been on a private tour before. They kept asking if we were going to be picking up anyone else up, and were enjoying having so much room in the minivan.  After about 20 minutes of driving, we arrived at our boat.  Nope, we never stopped to pick anyone else up either.Island Gem Picnic Day Out on a private long-tail boat

We waited near the boat for just a few minutes and another couple showed up.  The kids immediately ran over to me and asked if that couple was going with us.  I of course had no idea, but was open to the thought, as it was only 2 additional people.   It was time to board the boat.  We were directed to our boat and the Wagoner family loaded on.  A moment later, we noticed the other couple was boarding the boat next to us.  I asked if we were on the wrong boat.  Nope, this is a private tour.  Each group has their own boat!

Okay, the kids squealed with joy over that one.  It was just Wagoners Abroad buzzing around the Gulf of Thailand on their own private long-tail boat!

Snorkel Time!

The shades of blue were endless and now we know where all of those crayola colors come from!  We were so lucky to have a spectacular weather day, with clear calm waters and a slightly cloudy sky.  Within about 15 or 20 minutes we arrived at our first stop.  We were just offshore from a small island and it was time to snorkel!

Snorkel with Island Gem Picnic Snorkel time

Each of us were provided a mask and snorkel and into the beautiful blue water we jumped.  I have no idea how long we snorkeled, but we loved every minute of it.  The reef was beautiful and full of colorful fish.  The kids barely remember the last time they snorkeled.  The pure joy and squeals coming from their snorkels was priceless.  Lars had the GoPro and was filming, but finding it difficult to maneuver with the camera too.  We quickly got him a life vest to keep him afloat, so he didn’t need to worry about swimming or treading water.  He could just focus on his passion of filming.  Alan spotted a Conger Eel.
Snorkel with Island Gem Picnic Snorkeling

Private Picnic Time!

After a while, it was time to hop back in our private boat and head over to another island. We arrived at our next destination and the island was beautiful.  No one was on the island.  It was full of palm trees, coconut trees, powdery white sand and surrounded by turquoise blue waters.  Okay, I have to admit for a moment, the reality TV geek in me was a bit excited.  This felt like a cross from Survivor and a private date on the Bachelor, except with kids!

Wagoners Abroad with Island Gem Picnic

We explored a bit and then next thing you know, a gourmet picnic was set up on the beach, just for us!  Oh the other couple we saw at the beginning, they were arriving too. They had a picnic set up a bit down the beach from us.  We were offered drinks, including wine, beer, soft drinks and water.  Alan and I decided to be a bit decadent and have a little wine.  Okay, maybe more than a little for me, it was good!

We were all set with real plates, utensils and even cloth napkins.  This was really top-notch.  The food was very gourmet and delicious.  I was so surprised to see how many food options there were, as well as the quantity.  There was no way we would be able to eat all of this food.  Fried chicken, Sandwiches (chicken, egg salad or cheese/tomato). beet root couscous with grilled veggies, potato salad, green salad, pesto pasta and more!

Island Gem Picnic - Gourmet food

We enjoyed our leisurely lunch and were just about ready to go hop in the water, when dessert arrived too.  Homemade fruit and spice cake, along with chilled watermelon.  We just loved how they carved little handles in the watermelon.

Island Gem Picnic Day Out Watermelon handles

We enjoyed a bit more time out with the snorkels.  We were able to see some huge sea urchins, a sea cucumber and loads of fish.  It was so relaxing and we had all of the time in the world to do what we wanted.  The kids were doing the happy dance nonstop.  That is their new thing, by the way.  When Anya is thrilled she breaks out in a dance and Lars can’t help but join her.  It doesn’t matter who is around.  You will be reading about that loads as we write about our time in the Gulf of Thailand Islands.  Look out, it’s addicting.  You may find yourself joining them as you read.Island Gem Picnic Anya and Lars doing their happy dance.Let us know what you think.  Have you enjoyed a picnic on your own private island?  Tell us about it.  If you want to experience this, let us know that too!

Contact Information:

  • Island Gem Picnic  website
    They offer many other tours and services, even wedding planning!
  • +66831768379 / +6677952686

Disclosure: Our meal was hosted by Island Gem Picnic and all opinions are our own.

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4 thoughts on “A Private Picnic On A Remote Island! Koh Samui Thailand

  1. This sounds wonderful! If you get the chance you might look into Koh Pee Pee, too. I was there in 1990 and loved it. ……Also, on a completely other county. In 1990 I flew from Bangkok to/from Kathmandu, Nepal. The round trip was inexpensive and I stayed in Nepal for a month. It is so worth your time since you’re in that part of the world. I don’t know the politics there now but it’s an amazing part of the world. Easier to travel in than India, inexpensive, cooler climate, and wonderful people, food, culture and of course, the Himalayas.

    • It was wonderful for sure. We are on Phuket now and were looking at going to Koh Phi Phi next. We will see. Thanks for the tips on the other locations too!

  2. This sounds fabulous! Especially the private part. Usually you are crowded onto these boats and everything is set to a specific timetable. It must’ve been nice to go at your own pace.

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