Introducing – Wagoner TV coming to you from Almuñécar, Spain

American Family living in Spain - Wagoners Abroad Kids Hosting Wagoner TV Episode 01We’ve decided to have a bit of Family Fun in the Wagoner House and record it for you.  This is our first episode of Wagoner TV, with plans for more. This is filmed on location in Almuñécar, Spain. You not only get to view our lovely family in action, but you can also see our surrounding area.

American Family living in Spain

We are an American Family living in Spain and self-made expats.  Come see the fun and we have in Spain.  This TV show is intended to show you a bit around our town as well as some fun skits from the kids.  This is our first episode and it apparently Rains in Spain!

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14 thoughts on “Introducing – Wagoner TV coming to you from Almuñécar, Spain

  1. How about a reality TV show to make some $$…this is way better than the other junk on tv!
    The diva is as beautiful and clever as ever and Lars is cultivating a wicked sense of humor (gee, wonder where he gets that?)
    And can I please be adopted by Grandma Linda just for the Christmas trips?

    You guys are livin’ the dream…

    • Thanks Sandi. Wouldn’t that be nice to make some $$. Then we can continue our journey. It is really amazing how little we need to live over here. The side trips are the expensive part, but a must do. Can’t be in Europe and not visit places. 🙂 I am sure Grandma Linda would love you!

  2. oh gosh….i enjoyed that so much! what clever kids….especially loved the waiting portion for the cinnamon toast! they both speak spanish so well….i’m truly impressed with the video….karen, carson and i all laughed together….thank you!

    • I wish we could afford to stay long term. We have 1 maybe 2 years max. Unless we figure out how to make money on-line or something. I will tell them about your comments, they will be very excited. They are at frustration point sometimes and want to hurry up and be Fluent!

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