It Has Been Interview Season For Wagoners Abroad with More To Come

Microphone Interview

We have done several interviews about our adventure, but yesterday our first podcast interview went live!

Check it out on Family Adventure Podcast!  We have also been busy with D travels ’round, Oxygen I Am, Costa Women and Being in Awe!

Keep up with all of our interviews and others that feature us in their publications. We have it all under the “About Us” tab in our “Featured” section. Feel free to check that our now and again to see the latest.

Here is what has been featured about us in 2014!

Wagoners Abroad in Seville Spain


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2 thoughts on “It Has Been Interview Season For Wagoners Abroad with More To Come

  1. Hello from Indonesia! I’ve just read about your family travel on and i gotta say the article is very inspiring! I’m in my early twenties, expected to graduate next year. I’ve been saving since my first year of uni so i could have a graduation trip. I was hoping for a few weeks in Turkey, but now i’m also thinking of going somewhere cheaper so i can spend more time traveling. Anyway, it’s been my dream to see the world after graduation!
    Like most people, I’m thinking of spending my early 20s exploring the world and myself, and then get a proper job, settle down, and have kids whom i will take on a trip once or twice a year. But having a traveling family also sounds right! When i was in high school i watched Oprah and she was having this family of 6 who had just finished an RTW trip. I was so inspired. A few years ago i randomly googled them and found their website. Unfortunately, i found out that the mother had passed away. It really made me think that if i wanted to travel the world with my family, i shouldn’t wait until i’m retired! Our time’s just too short. I feel so sorry for the family, but in a way i’m happy for them because they got to create beautiful memories together before their mom was taken.
    Well, there’s still plenty of time until i have to settle down, but i’ve already thought a lot about it. I just hope i can keep traveling and spread my love of travel to my future kids 🙂
    Ok, i think my comment’s long enough. It’s nice to know your family and have a nice day!!

    • Halida that is awesome. Keep your dream alive and make it happen. If you really make it your priority, you can do it too! Who knows maybe “settle down” is something that is temporary. We need to enjoy what we have, when we have it. So sad for that family, but it is amazing that they had the quality time together. I can’t tell you how much our family has grown closer since we began travel. We are really in tune with each other and understand our moods and everything. The kids have blossomed with creativity and curiosity, so it is refreshing to see the world through their eyes. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you out there traveling too.

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