Interested In Exploring Florida?

Every year, scores of tourists flock to the USA’s Sunshine State. From Orlando’s plentiful theme parks to the beautiful beaches of Miami and the sophisticated Fort Lauderdale, rare is the person that doesn’t enjoy themselves in Florida.

Disney World Halloween 2008 = Exploring Florida

But with so much scope for exploration and discovery, some prior research into where to go and what do is highly advantageous. 

Seeing the Places and Exploring Florida

Orlando — Although this city’s roller coasters, water slides and movie studio tours provide ample amounts of enjoyment and exhilaration for the masses, there’s more than meets the eye to Orlando. Here, you can also partake in wildlife expeditions or outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, cycling and fishing.

Miami — A melting pot of contrasting cultures, classes and cuisine, Miami is quite possibly Florida’s most eye-opening and remarkable destination. South Beach’s somewhat superficial nature is offset by thriving Latin American neighborhoods such as Little Havana. Come for the coastline but stay and experience the diversity.

Fort Lauderdale — The ‘Venice of America’ has shaken off its reputation as the place where college students go on Spring Break and now attracts a more affluent and cultured crowd. Along with first-rate accommodation and dining, Fort Lauderdale is also home to the state’s biggest shopping mall and a vibrant nightlife.

Experiencing the places

Walt Disney World Resort — Twice the size of Manhattan, the world’s largest theme park features Disney-themed rides and attractions that the whole family will enjoy. Tours of Hollywood film sets, science-based learning and virtual trips around the world are all on offer too.

Everglades National Park — The largest sub-tropical wilderness in the USA is home to various species of bird, fish, coral and sponges. Not only astonishingly beautiful, this national park is also ecologically significant.

Visit the Florida Keys — This chain of coral reef islands provides extensive opportunities for fishing, eco-tours, bird watching and diving. More than anything else though, the Florida Keys enables anyone to tick off that perennial bucket list item — swimming with dolphins.

Crystal River  — This area is full of good family fun.  This is part of Florida’s beautiful Nature Coast and is about a two-hour drive from Tampa/St. Petersburg.  You should really take the time to experience swimming with the manatee. If the wind in your hair and moving fast is more your speed, then zipping around on an air boat is for you. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a vacation, Florida is bound to have the answer.

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