Instagram Often Helps Me Start My Day! #IGTravelThursday

Each morning I am often up before the sun.  Now that isn’t saying much, because Spain is one of those strange places that is offbeat with the time zone.  According to our geographic location, we should be the same time zone as London or Paris.  Many years ago Franco wanted to align time with Germany and thus we are +1 hour.

Sun Rise Almuñécar  12-12-13  Instagram

That being said, the sun goes up and comes down an hour later than most people experience.  This time of year, near the winter solstice, we see the first peep of the sun around 8:00 am give or take a few.  As you can see, I am not such a crazy early bird.

Almuñécar January 25, 2013

All of this to say that we are fortunate enough to have a perfect Easterly view over the Mediterranean Sea and Almuñécar right from our living/dining room.  We have taken hundreds of photos of our sunrises and we have started a gallery to collect them.  I so look forward to each and every day, as I know we are in for a real treat.  It is rare to have two days alike.

Sun Rise Almuñécar  03-10-13

Lately, I have been using Instagram instead.  We see that perfect moment and I can just pick up my phone, take the photo and immediately share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  I have to say that makes my life easier and people can see it the moment we do!  How do I know that?  Well, they instantly comment or like the photo on Instagram.  So, I know we are sharing that exact moment together, no matter where we are in the world. Just this morning, my cousin on the West coast of the United States shared our sunrise with us in Spain!

Can you believe this is an Instagram Photo?   It is Awesome!

Thanksgiving Sunrise 2013 Almunecar Spain So if you aren’t a morning person, you are missing out!  Get up early and take a look at your view each morning.  It is a great way to start the day and Happy Travel Thursday to you all!Almuñécar sunrise over San Cristóbal Beach - Instagram PhotoEach Thursday a group of bloggers participate in Instagram Travel Thursday, so I thought we would join in as well. If you want to see what others are up to on Instagram, check them out.  Official Instagram Travel Thursday:  Skimbaco Lifestyle

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4 thoughts on “Instagram Often Helps Me Start My Day! #IGTravelThursday

  1. Our first view of the day is usually of my sleepy teenage son clambering out of bed to go to high school at 8 o’clock, because that is when high school begins here (a whole hour earlier than elementary school, we think it sucks since my son gets less sleep now!).

    However our view out the window every morning is of the ground floor apartment windows with closed shutters on the high rise building in front of our ground floor apartment.

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