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If you find yourself in Southern Utah, we know where you can pamper your body!  We had the pleasure of working with Adventure Hub St. George in scheduling us a wonderful massage with  It was perfect after our epic day out in the desert on the side by side, read more about that here.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the owner of the massage center, Michael.  He explained to us a bit about the services offered and of course had us fill out our health information.  It is a bit strange to be back in the USA, where there is so much caution with care.  It is also a very nice thing to do, as they are making sure to treat us well. St. George Utah

Alan and I were each greeted by our massage therapists, mine was named Anne (Alan’s massage therapist was Tara).  I highly recommend Anne, and Alan highly recommends Tara!  This time we were taken to individual rooms rather than a couples massage.  I know that isn’t as romantic, but I actually like it that way.  Alan likes to make noises (like “ahhhh”) when he gets a good massage and I prefer to just listen to the music and not hear anyone else.

St George Massage Couples Room

Anne was wonderful and precise with her technique.   I can’t tell you how many massages I have had in my lifetime, but it is loads!  This on was very unique for me.  It was not only relaxing and soothing, but also a bit of acupressure and movement that was a pleasant surprise.  She really worked on my hips and shoulders, as this is where I stated all of my tension is carried.  I started by apologizing about my extremely dry skin and feet.  We have been in tropical weather for over 10 months, so the desert climate of Southern Utah has me looking like a lizard.  Not for long!  After my massage, I was in bliss with the aroma of vanilla as well as a well-moisturized body!

The ambiance was very nice at this location and they also have a drop in 10 minute chair massages too.  It was nice hearing spa music and I was so impressed with the way privacy is respected.  We must have been traveling in Asia too long, as there when you get a massage, they just dig in with no care in the world.  I loved that at all times my private body parts were covered with a sheet and I was well-respected.

There are a total of 6 rooms and I think there is just one room for couples.  I noticed they had many specials listed on their flyer at the counter, so look them up for monthly specials or visit their website for more info.

After the massage was complete, we each received a glass of special water to rehydrate us and were instructed to continue to drink water throughout the day.  Contact Info

Phone:  435-215-3480
Location:  393 East Riverside Dr Suite 101  Saint George, UT 84790

This is just one of the many services offered by St. George Adventure Hub.  Look them up to check out more tours and services in Southern Utah.

Let them know Wagoners Abroad sent you.

Do you love a good massage?  What type is your favorite?

Disclosure:  We partnered with Adventure Hub St. George on this service in exchange for our honest review.

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