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As you know we have been living in Spain for nearly 1 year.  As you also know, our original plan was to live here for 1 year and then return to the United States.  Why we are throwing around different options as to what we are doing next and where we are going, we started coming up with a list of places we would still like to see in Spain.

Ibiza, Cordoba and Murcia on our Must See Spain... Where else?

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We have visited many of the big cities of Spain: Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Malaga, Alicante, Almeria, Marbella, Murcia, Cadiz, Merida and Granada.  We have visited some great little villages and towns as well: Baza, RondaFrigiliana, Pampeneira, Lanjarón and more.  So where does that leave us?  It leaves us with a list of places we must still see in Spain.

We still want to visit Cordoba and that is just a 3 hour drive from Almuñécar, so we will fit that in.  We also want to do the mud baths near Murcia, again about a 3 hour drive so not a problem.  The other place we really want to see is Ibiza.  When we took the ferry from Barcelona over to Italy, we noticed the ferries went to Ibiza as well.  That got the wheels spinning for me.  We have heard great things from other travel bloggers as well as where to go for families rather than parties.  When we were nearing the end of our 6 weeks summer road trip, a former colleague of mine sent a message recommending we check out Ibiza as she has family there.  Signal number 2..Okay, got the message.

So now I am researching how to fit Ibiza into our schedule and costing out the trip.  Turns out we can ferry over from Valencia, which is much closer to us than Barcelona.  If we are flexible we can certainly find low cost airfare.  This is probably a smarter choice, as it may be easier to be on the island without a car.  I also needed to research accommodation.  Turns out there is affordable accommodation in Ibiza too!  Things are looking good for Ibiza, now we just need to figure out the best time to fit it into our schedule.

What other destinations would you recommend we visit in Spain and why?  It would be great to have your input on what we “must see”, so we can prioritize and make a plan.  Of course Northern Spain immediately comes to mind for me as well.  We were going to explore that area on our road trip, but by the time we hit Northern Spain, we were very tired and really just wanted to come home.  A friend of ours, Cat from Sunshine and Siestas has provided her list, so we will take that into consideration too.

I know, you are wondering about our schedule and our plans aren’t you?  Well, time will tell what the future holds for Wagoners Abroad.  In the mean time, you will just need to continue to read about our adventures and sit tight for any little nuggets of info we share with you about our plans.  We have loads to figure out and options to work through, so give us a little time and we will share it with you.  If you are already “in the know” for our various options,  hold tight on sharing for a bit so we can see what works out.

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12 thoughts on “Help Us With Our Must See In Spain List

  1. Dear Heidi….
    Although we have never conversed….I read your blog, with so much anticipation as to wats next…lol
    You inspire me…at every advantage….Thank you…Thank you…xxx
    I have never travelled…outside of Australia….Europe is my choice of destination..
    .been researching and researching for months now in the plan of getting my courage up to..JUST GO…
    I read and love your blog…as Spain is in my opinion, where I would like to be begin….
    I read, so many different travel blogs….but your family adventures are true…I like..
    Cheers Annie
    N.S.W Australia

    • Annie, we love that you read many different travel blogs and continue to read ours as well. We especially love seeing comments like this!

      Spain is such a lovely place to live and at the time is also very affordable. That is at least in our eyes and in Southern Spain. I am not sure of the big city areas, but that is where all of your research has to come in.

      It isn’t going to happen until you just do it. Figure out what is holding you back and decide what is the worst that can happen if “that” wasn’t a problem. When you make your dream life your priority, it will happen. Really dream about it. Picture yourself walking down your street, to your home. Picture the flower boxes you have outside your window and the food you will be making in your kitchen. Really Feel and envision your dream life, what ever that may be.

      Thank you Annie for dreaming and allowing our silly experiences help feed that dream.

  2. I was in Ibiza during “pre-child” days so I don’t think you’ll find the itinerary I followed too………… um………… appropriate for a family with kids hehe. Basically every day consisted of spacing out on a different beach every morning (there are some absolute incred ones there) and then spacing out every night in a disco (a different disco every night, of course)! I’d LOOVE to go back – but now in a different plan, of course.

    One great thing we did one day was take the ferry to Formentera and rent bikes there, then ride around to beaches. (These family-friendly activities were followed, of course, by lots of drinking in bars………..)

    • Too funny, yes I can imagine. That is the type of image I had of Ibiza, but others tell me that there is a different side worth exploring. We will see.

    • You know Serena, we were just speaking about that the other day. We have yet to deeply explore Malaga. We have been there many times, passing through, but have yet to see all of the sites and meet you too. It is on the list! 🙂

  3. You can catch a ferry to the canaries, lanzarote and fuerteventura have a different landscape from mainland Spain, Sand dunes , volcano…

  4. I’d put plugs in for Segovia (one of the coolest castles I’ve seen in all of Europe), Toledo (very touristy but worth at least a day trip if you ever get back to Madrid), and San Sebastian (unique cove beach setting up north).

  5. I was just going to see what was on your list! Please come back to Seville so we can ‘desvirtualizarnos!’ I’d make a strong case for the north, too. It’s so different from the south and delicious!

    • Thanks Cat. I hope you don’t mind I mentioned you. I know it was a post for another blog, but it was perfect. 🙂 Thanks, we will likely try and get back to Seville too. We were there for Feria and it was too crazy busy to really enjoy the city.

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