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Amazing-Pancake-Machine-CloseupSomething occurred to me today.  After 10 months of travel, we’re in the U.S. seeing the sights like a tourist, and it dawned on me that I love travel.

I’ll give you the background of this epiphany.  We’re in a hotel in Barstow California.  (For those that don’t know, Barstow is a popular waypoint for tourists — never a destination.)

I’ve come down to the dining area to have my “free” breakfast, and I spy a gadget that I’ve never seen before.  It’s a pancake making machine.  At the press of a button, The Pancake 3000 (probably not its real name) will spit out a couple of very flat pancakes in a couple of minutes.  I typically like the places that have the make-your-own waffles, so seeing a pancake machine is definitely a novelty.


I’m standing in front of this machine, waiting to press the “OK” button, and I’m marveling at its ingenuity, and there’s a gentleman standing next to me waiting for his pancakes.  I comment about the machine, and he comments that he’s never seen one either.  I notice a slight German accent, so I ask him where he’s from.  He tells me Germany, which I kinda figured. I ask him where in Germany, and he tells me that it’s a town south of Munich.

I exclaimed, “Munich is a beautiful city.  My wife and I really enjoyed it there.”  He smiled, and asked me when we visited.  I told him it was during the Spring, and it hit me.

This complete stranger and I now have something in common.  I don’t know his name, but we share an affinity for a place.  In the many countries we’ve visited, we’ve talked to hundreds of fellow travelers, and I’ve either enjoyed their home country, or it’s a place to which I want to travel.

And now this stranger and I are waiting for pancakes, and we’re connected by this simple thread.  He’s here in the U.S. being a tourist, and (hopefully) enjoying his travels.

So to the German tourist:

Safe and happy travels to you.
And if our paths cross again, the maple syrup is on me!

I love travel.  It provides me the ability to see sights, enjoy new cultures, and connect with people!

10 thoughts on “I Love Travel

  1. Yes, I love that about traveling also – the connections and community that emerges in quick little moments in front of the pancake machine.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Way cool! I saw a similar pancake machine in the States, I believe. Can’t recall where specifically but I was intrigued by it lol….always fascinating to see these devices. As for traveling, I love it, more daily. I fell in love with globe trotting 4 years ago to the day almost and I have never looked back. It’s amazing.


    • Hey Ryan…I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has seen the epic Pancake 3000. Traveling has allowed us to meet people virtually as well, which has been an unexpected benefit.

      Thanks for commenting Ryan!

    • Hey there Anne. 🙂 No we won’t make it to San Diego. I wish we could, as I lived there a few years. We are currently in Southern Utah and will make our way north, back to Reno to retur our car. Then we will fly to LAX and then LAX to Spain. Bummer. If you would love any inspriation via email, feel free to contact us!

  3. I LOVE that machine! The Pancake 3000! It’s so great to see you all enjoying the U.S.A. like tourists, I’m sure it looks even better with your new perspective.

    • I prefer the waffle machines, but seeing The Pancake 3000 churn out those flapjacks was pretty cool.

      Our trip back to the U.S. has definitely been eye opening.

      Thanks for commenting Brenda!

  4. Oh Alan, this is it. I think we travel to be around other travellers just because normal people don’t get us. We need to be around kindred spirits. As an India nut, this applies to me in particular, I’m drawn to other India nuts like a magnet.

    I also love staying in hotels, anywhere, with any sort of breakfast I don’t have to cook.
    PS. My husband has a pancake machine similar to that in his hotel in Australia…terrible pancakes but great novelty value, kids adore it.

    • Hey Alyson…I figured you would get it. It is nice meeting kindred spirits isn’t it.

      The pancakes were definitely a bit dense and flat, but the novelty factor is high.

      Thanks for commenting!

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