Help Us Name Our Avis Thailand Rental Car and GPS Too!

You know me I am fully of crazy and sometimes creative thoughts.  This time I have a goofy idea to help include you on or Thailand road trip.  We are doing a border run and will be staying in the jungle a couple of days as well as Chiang Rai.  The car won’t cross into a new country, we will do that via foot, for a day.

Help us name our AVIS Thailand rental car and the GPS too!

Avis Thailand Rental Car

We start our official road trip tomorrow  September 18th for 5 days.  We are doing a little local exploring today. I was hoping you could contribute to a bit of fun. Here are some details that may help:

Avis Thailand Rental Car

The Car:
It is a Toyota Innova MPV (Multi Premium Vehicle) and is huge and plush! It can seat 7 people easily, has awesome AC and is a champagne color. Come up with some good names for our car, so we can say “See where xxxxxx took us today.”

The GPS:
We also have a GPS inside. “She” has an American accent and I am sure we will want to yell at her on occasion. It would be nice to yell at a name. What name should we give her?

Look where “it” took us yesterday!

Bo Sang Village – to watch paper umbrella making.  More coming about that adventure in the next couple of weeks.

Bo Sang Village Umbrella Making
Place your suggestions in the comments below. We will decide on a name before hitting the road around 10 am Thailand time on 9/18.  That’s 11pm Eastern time for USA on 9/17.

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