Chop the Mop – Heidi’s Haircut

Time for a haircut! We have been living in Spain for nearly 8 months and I have yet to get my haircut.  Actually, I haven’t had it cut since last May, so nearly 11 months have gone by and now I have a big mop on my head.  I consider myself to be sort of “low maintenance” kinda girl.  Not sure if it is true, but that is what I think.  I don’t like to mess and fuss with “getting ready”, thus prefer to have the kind of hairstyle that can easily be maintained and prepared.  That said, I leave my hair one length and only have it cut twice a year (usually April and Octoberish).

I like the look but not the careBy December, I noticed my pony tail was getting heavier.  My hair was more difficult to wash and the old “air dry” didn’t work so well in the winter.  (Yep, I am so low maintenance  that I like to let my hair air dry rather than use a blow dryer).

Well in the winter that needed to change.  Out we went to by a travel hair dryer.  I still only use if it is cold or rainy out or if I am in a hurry.  Either way, the hair keeps growing.Well,  October came and went last year, while we were living here is Spain.  I kept thinking to myself “Oh, I need to get my haircut” and then time would pass.  I then convinced myself that maybe I should just live like a local.  You see just about every girl/woman here has very long luxurious hair.  I think the motto must be the longer the better.  So I figured, hey I will just let it grow and fit in just fine.

Here is it April and nearly a year since my last haircut and now I am thinking differently.  I don’t want to fit in and have long hair, I think I have just been lazy.  I am not one that likes to just fit in.  My pony tail is very heavy now and summer is coming.  Oh the tangles I will have to deal with after swimming!  Of course Alan was kind enough to just chop off my pony tail for me.  Such a sweetie.

After a brief amount of soul-searching, I found the truth.  I don’t trust my Spanish enough to instruct someone to cut my hair.  I know this is crazy, how difficult is it to say just trim off a few inches?  Either way, that is the truth.  I will speak Spanish with everyone and fumble around all over the place, but hair is tough to fix if it goes wrong.

So I was on a quest to find someone I would be sure to communicate with and wouldn’t you know it, I found someone!  There is a nice German lady that has a salon down the street from us and she speaks English!  I know, I am a cop-out, but this is my hair!

Off I go to get my haircut…

Wow, what an experience.  I was there nearly 1 hour.  I usually am in and out and forget the pampering.  She washed my hair, then took her time cutting and chatting with me.  Then it was the long extensive blow dry.  I think at one point she had 4-5 of those roll brushes in my hair for body and curls.  I didn’t want a style as I like it my way, but it felt so good!  It was like a warm massage on my scalp, so I just went with the flow in this one.

The finished Haircut

New Haircut

It feels so much lighter and cooler.  I like the look of long better, but the care for short is so much easier.  I received a very nice reception and compliments from Alan, so that I liked! Then later from the kids and Grandma Linda too.  🙂



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6 thoughts on “Chop the Mop – Heidi’s Haircut

  1. No.1 you have gorgeous thick hair like my mam-I think you could get away with any hairstyle
    No.2 do you have grey hair (I have had grey hair since my early twenties) just wondering?

    • Oh Melanie, I just love your comments. My motto has always been “if you aren’t afraid to ask, I’m not afraid to answer”. Let’s see if that will hold true in “permanent” blog format. Ha!

      1. You are to sweet. My hair is very fine but LOADs of it. So I thank you for thinking the way you do.
      2. Grey Galore! When I was a child I had a very blonde streak that started near the center of my forehead and then draped down to frame my face. Well that lovely blonde streak turned great when I was about 31 or so. I have grey everywhere you look and no hair color in, so what you see is all meeee. As I age, my hair gets darker as well, so the grey is popping a bit more. I just can’t be bothered with color and roots and the maintenance of it all.

      Keep the comments coming! Love it!

  2. Oh your hair is so pretty, you shouldn’t have chopped it! Funny how popular styles can change in such a short distance, here in Malaga hardly anyone has long hair, except very young (teenage) girls. I guess this is the city, trendy styles, modern haircuts………

    • Ha! Thanks Serena, but I go for comfort these days over looks. Yes, when I lived in San Diego and San Francisco I kept shorter trendier hair too. Probably city vs small town.

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