Halloween in Portugal

Kids off school = Road Trip!  
This time we opted for nearby Portugal.

November 1 is “All Saints Day” (Holiday) in Spain, so the kids were off school for 2 days.   We asked around our town and found out that not much happens for Halloween. There were just a couple of little cafes or bars planning to have a party. So the kids were okay with leaving town.

It is about 8 hours to Lisbon Portugal from our place, so the plan was to stop in Southern Portugal (The Algarve – about 5 hrs away) and spend Halloween night there. We arrived about 8pm and settled into our apartment in touristy Albufeira. Then we walked down the hill and a million stairs into town. It was adorable and loads of live music at all of the bars. Everyone trying to lure us in for food.

We finally chose a place that looked like loads of fun. The local radio station was broadcasting from there for Halloween and they were having a party.  Anya turned into our little pumpkin with a face painting and we had some food too.  Kids were running around all over town just wild and crazy. It was a fun night, but strange for us on Halloween.  Then our walk back up the million stairs. Not as much fun as the trip down.

This morning, we were up and exploring. So, what does that mean?  back to the million stairs! UGH!  The kids and I counted them this time on the way down. Of course Anya counted 92 and Lars counted 94, so I of course said I had 93 (I didn’t count!  oops).  We explored the town and couldn’t find one thing open for breakfast. Turns out it was a holiday here too and Portugal is 1 hour behind Spain (it was 7:30am!) Crazy fools.

We headed back up and counted the stairs again. This time I really counted. I got 103, Anya had 102 and Lars 104.  YIKES!  The kids just couldn’t accept this!  They ran back down the stairs to count again and then counted back up too.  We all agree it is 103!

Time to go back to the apartment and get Alan to hit the hotel pool area.  They wouldn’t let us swim without a bathing cap, so we bought some for the kids and in they went.  That is apparently the thing here in Europe for hygiene.  I guess it is a good idea to keep hair out of the pool.  Then it was time to pack up and hit the road.

More to come on Portugal adventures, we are heading up to Lisbon for the remainder of the weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Halloween in Portugal

  1. I’m glad to see, in the photos, that those stairs don’t look quite so nightmarish as they sounded in your post! The town looks so lovely! (PS. If you want to see some stairs, I recommend you stop by Torremolinos on your way back, now THOSE are some stairs!)

  2. Your holiday sounds so scrumptious! Wish we had a car, then we could follow you (we live in Malaga). Well, maybe one day when we win the lottery heehee……… Enjoy!

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