Check Out Our Guest Post on Tripping

Guest Post -TrippingThank you so much Tripping for having us as a guest post on your blog. We love the features that you offer for travelers as well as a great blog.  If you are ever in need of a rental for a trip, this is the place to go.  They have all of the best travel sites wrapped up into one search for you.  Once I discovered this, it made my life easier for sure.  This week they published the article we wrote for them on Carnival in Cadiz.

I know it seems we have been busy networking with other bloggers lately and we have!  We are working hard to share our experiences with others and learn from them as well.  We are always honored when others ask us to work with them, so we thought we would share our “extra” work with you.  🙂

Check out our guest post on Tripping .

You should check out their site and look for a rental of your own.  Live the local way on your next trip.

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