Going To The Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married, In Rome!

Okay, so we aren’t getting married ‘cause we already are!  However, if you want to get married in Rome or would like to see others get married by the minute, then we can tell you where to go!  I am still catching up on things to share with you from our 6 week European Road Trip.  We have so much to share, but it takes loads of time to weed through all of the photos.

Get Married in the heart of Rome

We were exploring Rome and climbed up the back side of Capitoline Hill, only to find brides and grooms everywhere!  We couldn’t figure out what was going on and why so many people getting married?  Once we reached the top of the hill, we found a stunning plaza, flanked by 2 palaces.  It looked like they were also in the process of setting up a stage for some sort of event.
People Watching atop Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill is apparently the smallest and most important of the seven hills of Ancient Rome. This is the political and religious heart of Rome and the hill became a symbol of Rome’s reign as Caput Mundi, capital of the world.  As it turns out, this is also a hot spot for weddings on Saturday and Sunday.

Get Married in Rome Capitoline Hill
Get Married in Rome -Capitoline Hill

Time to get married in the Palace of Campidoglio in Rome

We had a sneak peek in the Palace of Campidoglio, one of the 2 palaces atop the hill.  The very classy marriage hall, located close to the Colosseum and Roman Forum, has spectacular views.

Get Married in Rome - Forum

The main entry is reached by the grand flight of steps known as the “Cordonata”, built to a design by Michelangelo especially for the triumphal entry of the Emperor Charles V in 1536.

Get Married in Rome - Cordonata Steps
Cordonata Steps

The interior of the Palace of Campidoglio wedding room looks very formal, with rich red carpet to enter the room.   We didn’t go inside as a service was in process. It seems this is the place for a lower cost, civil wedding.  What a fantastic place to be married!

 Palace of Campidoglio
Palace of Campidoglio

It seems you can get married very quickly and out you come to a crowd cheering for you.  We were there for 30 or 40 minutes and cheered on several newlyweds.

Get Married in Rome on Capitolino Hill Weddings on Capitolino Hill

I wouldn’t want to do this flight of stairs in high heels, but this lady didn’t seem to bat an eye, with her 4-inch pumps.  The steps you see pictured below are only showing about half of them.  It is a bit of a trek up and down.

Get Married in Rome

We also happened upon a very cool getaway car.  It was adorable!

Get Married in Rome - the getaway car

It was a day full of magic and celebration for all involved.  We continued on our exploration of the Forum and the Colosseum, but enjoyed stopping to smell the roses of bridal bouquets.

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