Our First eBook Launch! – Live In Spain

Announcing our first eBook

Live In Spain – Resident Visa Application Tips and Tricks

When we first decided to move and become an expat in Spain, nearly 2 years ago, we did plenty of online research to learn what we needed to do to make this happen.  We knew we didn’t want to just visit for a few months and be a tourist.  We wanted to Live in Spain!

Live In Spain eBook

One of the biggest hurdles was figuring out how to do just that.  How could we live in Spain?  Well, after hours and hours of searching online, reading books at the library and bookstore, as well as numerous calls and emails to the Spanish Embassy, we found a bread crumb trail to follow.  We felt we had all of the pieces of the puzzle to actually apply for a Non-Lucrative Resident Visa.

At this point we could have hired a lawyer to complete the paperwork for us for a very high fee or just do the work ourselves.  Of course we opted to do the work as we wanted to save our money for our adventure.  As we gathered all of the documents and paperwork needed for our application, in some ways we became experts.  Countless times we would say “I wish someone had all of this spelled out for us“.  Well, here we are living in Spain for more than a year and we feel we have so many tips and tricks to share with others.

So now no one will have to say “I wish someone had spelled the process out for us” anymore.  We have done that for you and can help you too become an expat in Spain!   With this eBook, we have shared the process, the special terms and tips and tricks to keep you organized and get you through the process.

Come Live in Spain!
Live In Spain eBook

32 thoughts on “Our First eBook Launch! – Live In Spain

  1. Nice to see someone come out with a ‘how to’ guide on long stay visas in Spain. Finding and following info on some of the websites is just a nightmare.

    • Hey Mark and Kate, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it has been a very popular book, so we are pleased. We have helped many people through the visa process and Alan has done loads of consulting and project management for people as well. It can be a bit intimidating, but we hope to help cut out some of that red tape for you. Are you thinking of relocating to Spain? Let us know if you have any questions and happy travels.

  2. i just want to say again, “OMG!” and that i’m so proud of you. you guys are role models for me and the reason one day we’ll probably move to spain, of course, only after buying your book. gabi

  3. Ah, Good old British Passport means I don’t have to worry about that, but I’m sure this is just the kind of thing people are looking for, Good work guys! 🙂

  4. Luckily I’m British, so it’s easy for me to live in Spain. But this book would be very useful for non-EU passport holders, as the EU, including Spain, can be a difficult place to get an extended stay if you don’t know the ins and outs..

  5. Well done! Writing a book is a real accomplishment and yours looks awesome for people (like me!) considering a long-stay in Spain. It’s so helpful to have all the links an info in one place.

  6. Hope your book is selling lots and lots of copies! It is certainly very helpful to have a guide with all the information in one place, by people who have gone through the experience themselves.

  7. I lived abroad in many countries (not only Spain) and always had to figure things out myself, which I love to do! But for some that might just be the reason not to do it, for those people a book like this could trigger them to do it anyway. Great idea and I think it will ‘help’ a lot of people to take the big step.

  8. Good luck with the book! We are some of the fortunate people who can come and see you for as long as we like! 😉

  9. Living in Spain is great. We highly recommend it. Hopefully, many others who wish to do so will be encouraged by your efforts and this publication.

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