Family Travel Just Got Easier and We Have Discounts!

If you are a family that loves to travel, but doesn’t really like the “planning” part of the trip, this is for you.  We have done our fair share of trip planning and we know how stressful it can be.  When you are limited on time, it can be difficult to organize, prioritize and fit it all in.  We were recently introduced to the concept of Travelove and immediately liked it.  The concept of having a family friendly trip custom designed for you, was very appealing.  We’ve decided to partner with them and that is why we can offer you 20% off any Travelove Trip!  Read on to learn more about it.


Travelove is a travel agency but their offerings are very unique, so we decided to partner with them.

What makes Travelove Unique? 

  • Trip is designed by locals –  Each and every trip is designed by a local person, who lives at a place, loves it, and is eager to share their love with other travelers.
    (Spoiler alert: We might become Trip Designers too!)
  • Fun authentic activities –  With Travelove, one becomes a traveler, rather than a tourist.  Activities are carefully planned and they are always focused on the destination.  Some are self-guided, some with locals.
  • Custom-made trips with a few clicks –  Each traveler can put together a trip of their dreams, selecting what experiences they want to have and where they’d like to stay.  There are several options to choose from for each destination.
  • No planning, no researching, no stress –  Travelove takes care of all the bookings, so a traveler can just sit back, relax and worry only about packing.
  • Custom-made guidebooks –  Travelovers receive a custom-made guidebook full of maps, practical information, interesting facts and all they might need when they travel to their desired location.  Travelers will also use their guidebooks for self-guided activities.
  • Special trips for families –  Family trips are designed in a special way, taking into account needs and desires of kids from 3 years of age.  There’s less walking and more clever fun.  There are also several backups are prepared, for when things don’t go as planned.
  • Fun guidebooks for kids –  Children receive their own guidebooks full of fun little tasks, pictures they can color, ideas for games and other little activities.  Emphasis is put on learning and exploring.  Kids get also a little backpack with all things they might need – from simple crayons, to special items like a magnet to check if the Eiffel Tower is indeed made of metal!
    Paris France the Eiffel Tower SunRise in December
  • Souvenirs –  In many of the trips, there’s an activity, where one can make their own souvenir.  Think of carving out of reindeer antlers in Finland, or making a wooden toy in Brittany.
  • Family travels as a family on a family trip – Don’t take this for granted.  Many companies that feature family trips simply just offer babysitting and let parents spend time without their kids.  This is not what Travelove does.  Travelove is enabling a whole family travel together, while keeping kids busy through fun activities, and letting parents experience the joy of exploration through their children’s eyes.  For once, even parents can enjoy just as if they were five year-olds, without stress and rigorous planning.

As of now, Travelove offers Trips mostly to destinations around Europe. They are:

  • Prague and 3 regions of the Czech Republic
  • Budapest, Hungary  (read about our time in Budapest)
  • Rome and Venice, Italy (read about our time in Venice)
  • Paris and Brittany, France (read about our time in France)
  • Barcelona and Gran Canaria Island, Spain
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Amsterdam, Holland (read about our time in Amsterdam)

#Amsterdam Living Wagoners Abroad July 2014 #GowithOh

Right now they’re venturing towards Asia, with the recent adding of Üsküdar, Istanbul’s Asian side, Israel, and Singapore.  More trips are coming up every week!


Are Travelove Trips All About Families?

Not all trips are made for families, but a family version is planned for every trip on offer.

Let’s take an example of Barcelona, as that’s one of our favorite cities and we know it pretty well.  Travelove provides a number of self-guided activities, which travelers can do on their own, just with their guidebook in hand.  Those are for example riding on a bike along the beach, having a picnic in a park, enjoying views and rides in a theme park above the city or walking through the trendy El Born Quarter, and artsy El Raval.

Barcelona, Spain - time to head over to the ferry.  Summer Road Trip

Seeing the Fountain of Montjuic is easy to do just with the guidebook as well.  Then you can meet fun locals – Marc will show you the coastline from his boat, Ruth will put on a medieval costume and show you around the Gothic Quarter.  Your kids will surely love making their own mosaic from broken tiles with Marta.  These fun workshops are done in the Parc Güell, so the setting is perfect for pretending to be little Gaudis.

You can really get to fully know a location just in a few days thanks to Travelove. Especially for busy people, this is basically the only hassle-free way, how to travel ‘slow’ in a short amount of time.  Locals cooperating with Travelove are friendly and enthusiastic, so it’s easy to forget they’re not your lifelong friends.  With Travelove, you know all the places popular among locals, while at the same time you don’t miss those must-see attractions that tourists come for.  It would be a shame not to see the Eiffel Tower when you’re in Paris, right?  But it’s extremely rewarding to go hang out at a lesser-known place after battling the crowds around the Tower.

What we love about Travelove is how diverse the activities on their trips are. There’s a cooking class or picnic on almost every trip, as they’re supposedly very popular with travelers.  Added to that are unique experiences and insider activities, like having a fully private tour of a castle in the South of Moravia (Czech Republic), or rowing on a kayak through Venice’s canals.

It’s what long-term travelers like us can go for when we need a vacation from traveling. Of course that means traveling too, just for once minus all the planning and research. Our kids are old enough to participate in the planning process too, but they like to be surprised, like everybody!

You can read all of their TripAdvisor reviews as well, to see what others think of this new way to travel.

View details of the trips available:

  • If you want to visit Spain – You can view the Barcelona Family Trip here.  Yes, it too has a 20% discount for you!
  • Check out all of their trips here!

Buy Now!If you order coming from our site, you’ll automatically see prices discounted by 20%!

The discount is valid for 3 months after publishing this article. If you’re not ready to travel just yet, you can still go ahead and book, Travelove will respect your desired dates. An inquiry by Travelove is not binding.  It becomes binding only when both sides confirm a Trip booking.

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