The Kids Were On National TV!

La Banda Video A few weeks ago, the kids came home with a permission slip that needed to be signed by a parent and returned.  This wasn’t for a field trip, this time it was approval for them to appear on TV.   Of course we signed away, as the kids were just tickled.  About a week later the TV Show Crew arrived at the school and filmed all day with the kids.  The 2 part show, “La Banda” aired this weekend Saturday and Sunday morning (March 9 and March 10).

We don’t get Spanish TV (only British), so were scrambling to figure out where we could watch it at 7:30am.  It occurred to us that my Mom, visiting us in Spain, has Spanish TV at her place. The plan was to go over there bright and early.   Later that evening, we realized we could just watch it on-line.  They seem to post the shows a few hours after they air.   So we ended up doing just that.  Of course we neglected to inform Mom, so she was up waiting for us (while we were sleeping).  She even called us a few times, but our phones were upstairs out of ear shot.  Sorry Mom!

Anyway,  we were all able to watch the shows on our laptops.   Lars is the first act on La Banda Video #1 (~2:00 min mark).  They requested he do this joke in English.  Then a different experiment in Spanish near the end in La Banda Video #2 (~13:00 min mark).  Anya is just in the crowd here and there, difficult to spot.  

La Banda Video 2The kids were very excited to see themselves on National TV.  We went for a walk around town yesterday and stopped at a local park.  Some kids recognized Lars from the TV show that aired that morning.  Small towns are cool sometimes.  Our little star just soaked it all up!

For those of you that watched our Wagoner TV Episode 04  and viewed the egg go into the carafe…..well in video #2 Lars and Harry will show you how to get the egg out. (Jan, this is for you!)

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10 thoughts on “The Kids Were On National TV!

  1. Oh wow that is so exciting! We don’t watch the La Banda shows anymore since the kids lost interest in cartoons a while back, too bad we missed it!

    • Hey Serena, Hope you have been well. Good to see your name. We passed through Malaga last week and stopped at the Picasso Museo. We should have looked you up! Yes, La Banda isn’t something we watch either, but we did this time. 🙂

      • Oh Heidi you must write to me next time you pass through Malaga! Just send me an email through my blog, the address is on it, or write to me through the Contact form. I’d LOVE to meet you all!!!!!!

        • You bet! I didn’t hit me until we were in Rincón de la Victoria and then I could have kicked myself! I will save your contact info on my phone, so I have it handy.

    • Hey Jan! Sorry it took a while. We meant to film at home and then realized it was going to be on the show, so we waited. pretty cool, eh? 🙂

        • Exactly, no way was I going to translate all of that either. Hope you are doing well. Anya loves Flamenco and we think of you every time she dances. Look for a post from Anya coming soon on that topic.

            • you bet! the upcoming post will be “practice” and then she has 2 performances next week, so we will get those too. She has only been in the class for about 4 weeks, so it should be interesting.

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