The Eve Of The New Year (2014)

We each have our 12 grapes ready to go and the fireworks have been booming here and there all night.
Happy New Year from Wagoners Abroad in SpainWe were going to go out tonight, but just decided to stay home. We have a spectacular view of the full town and sea right from our terrace.

So we should have a great view of the fireworks and festivities. Last year, we enjoyed everything at the town plaza. We will share photos, if we get some good ones. The kids are so excited.

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6 thoughts on “The Eve Of The New Year (2014)

  1. Happy New Year family! We thought of going out to the Plaza de la Constitución, they always have this big thing on New Year’s Eve, but we were so cosy in the living-room, and we hate crowds, and……… so we stayed in. The last time we went out on New Year’s Eve was in Barcelona and it was soooooooo cooooooooooold over there! It snowed! We wanted to enjoy a much warmer New Year’s Eve here in Malaga but you know, with a warm living-room, and you can watch the countdown on TV anyways……… Maybe next year.

    • Happy New Year to you Serena! We hope you have all been doing well. I am sure you have been busy. We were thinking of going to Malaga “the big city” for New Year’s, but decided against it. We too didn’t feel like being out in the cold.

  2. Hi Simon, Sometimes it is nice just to take it easy. That said the following night provided us with a bit of excitement. We will post that soon.

  3. Happy new year to you and your family Heidi, we spent our new year eve at home too, watching fireworks from TV:)

    Simon Lee

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