>>> Emergency – A Call Out For Assistance <<<

I apologize for the poor editing of this content, but I feel it necessary to Get the Word Out as soon as possible, and as such, this will not be the prettiest looking post.

What’s It All About?

Our readership has been growing at a phenomenal rate. (Ed. Note:  We need to check the actual numbers.  The accountant says we can “be flexible”.)  I’m trying to organize a grassroots movement to help with this crisis.  This is not a political message, nor is it about the environment.  This time it’s personal.  This is about food!  Specifically, it’s about a shortage of…Spanish Rice.

Now this post is geared for a certain person.  That person has the know-how, talent, and expertise to solve this not-so-global crisis.  It turns out that there are only a few Spanish Rice experts in the entire world. (Ed. Note:  These are experts who know how to make it like the author likes.)  Amazingly, I happen to know one of these experts on a first name basis.  (Ed. Note:  This reads less like hard-hitting journalism, and more like bragging.) 

This expert of which I speak is…my Mom(Ed. Note:  Ask the IT people if we can add a raucous applause sound effect here.)

“Ohhh Alan.  I feel so bad for your plight.  What can I do to help The Cause?”

Thanks for asking.  What I would like everyone to do is to Like this post.  Tell your friends, colleagues, and family.  Spread the word about our current crisis, and maybe, just maybe, she will come to the rescue.  And if she can’t come personally, then maybe she could just e-mail the recipe.

Remember, do it for your conscience…do it for the kids…do it for me!

(Ed. Note:  The irony of asking an American about the Spanish Rice recipe for someone in Spain is not lost on me.)

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Alan digs on technology and travel and is definitely the comic in the family. He's traveled all over the globe in search of cultural experiences. He has a fantastic wife and two great children that put up with his "humor", and luckily they all love travel as well. In Aug 2012, they sold their house and all of their possessions and moved to Spain to soak up the culture. He has written a book titled Live In Spain to help those wanting to obtain a Spanish Resident Visa. He also loves to write about the funnier side of the family's adventures.

11 thoughts on “>>> Emergency – A Call Out For Assistance <<<

  1. Oh, my poor Alan. Love the picture of you…….love to see you suffer! I will bring you a suitcase full of food….you are so clever….please continue to post

  2. The recipe for the Spanish rice you love so much is a closely guarded family secret, known only by Wella and me. Alan, my son, you will have to wait until I visit you in Spain. If I send you the recipe in advance, the degree of my welcome reception may suffer and I am not prepared to take that chance. Even better yet, wait for my cookbook.

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