Are you interested in schools in Spain? This eBook provides a wealth of information about the Spanish Education System from pre K through high school. Read more on

"If you're planning on educating a child in Spain, you'll wish you had this book!"

What's in the book?

Navigate The System

Navigating the Spanish school system can be daunting if you don't know how it's organized.  This book lays out how the grades are organized from Pre-K all the way to High School.  If you have a child in that range, this book provides a thorough explanation of schools in Spain.

Questions & Answers

You have questions; we have answers.  Not only will this book help you answer the most common questions about schools in Spain, but it will help you determine the priority of your questions.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to Q&A.

Setting Expectations

If you are planning a move to Spain, and educating a child is one of your goals, this guide will help set expectations for you and your child.  Moving into a new school system can be frightening.  Setting the expectations will greatly help reduce the stress on everyone!


Are you convinced yet?

If the above doesn't convince you, then how about this...

You're in for a whole new vocabulary when discussing the Spanish education system.  There are Spanish words, acronyms, and phrases that are specific to Spain.  Throughout the book, the Spanish words and their English equivalents are provided.  And there is also an Appendix that not only lists those words, but it also gives their pronunciation.

There is so much information packed into this book, it's incredible.  Another fantastic chapter discusses how to register your child for school.  It's different from the U.S., and it's not obvious, but it's all laid out in this book.

How about now?

You're probably wondering, "Who are you?"

That's an excellent question! I'm Alan of Wagoners Abroad. My wife and I moved to Spain almost 5 years ago with our two children. At that time they were 7 and 10, and we put them in the Spanish Education System. We not only have a lot of expertise in the process types of things, but also the emotional aspects which affected our kids.

In short, we're living it. Heidi and I have helped hundreds of families with education-related questions, not to mention obtaining visas, and settling in Spain. A great deal of time was spent researching this book, and it will greatly help set your expectations; and those of your child.

**Not really

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