Dude Where’s My Car? and What’s In Your DNA?

Alan and I pulled up and parked at the at the store a few weeks ago (a British store in Málaga).  Just as I was about to hop out of the car, I noticed a lady leaving the store.  There she was with both arms weighted with bags filled to the top,  like an old-fashioned balance scale.  Just a moment later out toddled a little guy trailing the lady, hugging a grocery bag as big as him, with a cereal box peeking out from the top.

The lady opens the door of the silver car parked next to us and begins to unload her scales.  Once both hands were free, she turned to relieve the stress from the little guy and places his bag into the car as well.  Next she is chatting with her son and picks him up to place him in the car as well.  I see that she begins to laugh and then removes her child from the car.  She then reloads him and removes all of her bags as well.  Huh?  That’s odd.

So now I am very curious and just wait in our car to see this story play out.  She then walks around the next silver car in the parking lot, with the little guy toddling behind.  She opens the next car and follows the exact same process, this time laughing all of the way. First she unloaded all of her bags into the car.  Then she relieves the little boy of his bag and next she places him in the car.  The lady then hops in the car, buckles up and off they go.  Initially she was at the wrong car and didn’t notice until it was time to put the kid in the car seat!

Dude where’s my car?

Of course, I just sat and watched.  As all of this transpired, a couple of questions immediately hit me.

Who doesn’t know their own car?  
Who leaves their car unlocked, so a stranger can just do all of this?

On any “normal” day, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this or for that matter even taken the time to watch it all play out.  So why did I?  Well, that’s where the DNA question comes in.

What’s In Your DNA?

You see just a few days prior, I was speaking with a family member on the phone (They can out themselves if they want, for now they shall remain nameless to protect the innocent).  Let’s just call this family member “M“.

M in Puerto Rico 2011

M in Puerto Rico 2011 – Exploring a cave.

So, M describes a situation to me when she was out shopping and was returning to the parking lot.  When she got into her car, she noticed a strange lady sitting in the passenger seat.  M is sitting in the driver’s seat a little perplexed and begins a conversation.

M:  “What are you doing in here?”

Strange lady:  “I am waiting for my husband.”

M is now very confused and then realizes her keys don’t fit.  Ding, Ding, Ding, the bells go off and reality hits.  That is when M realizes it was the wrong car!

M:  “I am so sorry”.

At that point gets out of the wrong car and finds her own car using the key car lock and the sound of the horn to guide her.

My same questions apply:

Who doesn’t know their own car?  Dude where’s my car?
Who leaves their car unlocked, so a stranger can just do all of this?

It doesn’t stop there!  It is deep in the DNA

As M was telling me of her story, the laughing was non-stop.  I am thinking “How is that even possible?”  Then M proceeds to tell me about a situation involving yet another family member.  Again, I will keep her sweet young name out of this, unless she wants to come forward.  For now let’s call this one “K“.  I think M wanted to be sure the limelight was shared.

K in Puerto Rico 2011

K in Puerto Rico 2011 – Does the bag go over or under my shirt?

Apparently K was out shopping with her sister in-laws and dog in tow.  They arrived in a 4 door pick up truck and K was sitting in the back with her tiny dog.  They all hopped out of the truck to go shopping, including the dog.  K decides she wants to return to the truck, to just hang out with the dog and wait, while the others do their shopping.  gets back into the truck and climbs into the back seat to wait.  I am not sure of the details here, as the story isn’t straight from the horse’s mouth.  At some point those Ding, Ding, Ding bells go off and realizes she is in a 2 door truck and climbed in to sit in the back seat.  Again, she was just sitting there hanging out in the wrong car!

Who doesn’t know their own car?  Dude where’s my car?
Who leaves their car unlocked, so a stranger can just do all of this?

All of this to say, I am in for it!  Looks like it’s deep in my DNA to do this type of thing.  Ha!  I love it and I love my goofy family!  I wonder if the lady here in Spain is related to me somehow?

So I ask you “Dude, Where’s Your Car?” and “What’s In Your DNA?”

Have you ever done anything like this?  Oh, please help M and K feel like they aren’t alone in this world.  Please share your story!
Goofy Family K, M and Me - The real Dude where's my car?

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6 thoughts on “Dude Where’s My Car? and What’s In Your DNA?

  1. Ok…I’m OUT! Yes, I am M. Judy I giggled at your story of mom! I have many, many stories like that! I’m proud that we are all so goofy and can laugh at whatever comes our way.life is grand!

  2. Ok, and how about Dude, where’s my car “spousal edition” and again, we will not use real names…So, I’m out with my nameless spouse, we’ll call him P, and returning a video to the drop box at the store. P jumps out of the car while I wait in the drivers seat and deposits video into the box, turns and rushes back to the car and hops back in passenger seat. There is a woman sitting in the drivers seat of that car as well (probably waiting on video business to be completed at blockbuster, too) Now, I’m watching this play out from the next car wondering how long it will take him to figure it out, or for her to scream or set off her alarm. And for those of you who know P, he was chatting away for a while until he noticed she was barefoot, and that he didn’t recognize those feet! She was so stunned she was speechless, P apologized, profusely, I’m sure, jumped out of her car and into ours. Funny thing is, when he recalls the story, he insists it was ME who got into wrong car so he’s still confused!

  3. Go back another generation, Heidi, to Grandma Gee-Gee. She does’t have to remain nameless for obvious reasons. We were at the Concord Pavilion for a high school graduation for one of your cousins.. (had to be ’77 or ’78). We were walking through the parking lot, down the hill back to the car. I got stopped by a friend for a few minutes so told Grandma to go ahead. I got down to my car and she wasn’t there. I started walking up and down the rows and found her sitting in someone else’s car. On top of that, she had left the door open and had just lit up a cigarette…the car wasn’t even the same color as mine.
    I think the problem must be genetic?

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