Don’t Miss Experiencing Chi Spa At Shangri-La Penang

We’ve been on the go go go for many months.  As a family, we’ve seen some amazing sights, met fantastic people, and in the process, crossed off some items on the Wagoners Abroad Bucket List.  This latest excursion however, is just for Heidi and Me.  We are having a Spa Experience at Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Penang.

Chi Spa at Shangri-La Penang

This is a special occasion for us as we’re celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary.  The folks at Golden Sands Resort kindly sponsored our spa experience, and it was so relaxing.  The Chi Spa is located at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort.  As you may recall, we stayed at the sister resort, Golden Sands Resort Penang.  Both resort properties are adjacent to each other, and are part of the Shangri-La Group of hotels and resorts.

Shangi-La Rasa Sayang Resor

Chi Spa At Shangri-La Penang

When we arrived at the Rasa Sayang Resort, we were directed to the Chi Spa.  The property is beautiful, and conducive to some serious relaxation.  The grounds are immaculate.  Once we were in the Chi Spa’s area, we knew this was going to be an amazing experience.  Walking along a path surrounded by a koi pond, the entrance to the spa has a large water feature that instantly starts to work on removing the stress.

Chi Spa Entry

The receptionist asked us our names, and verified the treatments we would be having.  Heidi was having the CHI Hot Stone Massage, and I was scheduled for the Element Vitality Massage.  We were provided with some apple-infused water, and provided a simple medical form to fill out.  I figured Heidi would go her way, and I would go mine, and we would meet up afterwards, but we were in for a surprise.  This was going to be a Couple’s Massage.  Yippee!

Chi Spa Couples Villa

Tammy led us though a beautiful garden with fountains, to a special and private couples villa.  At the entrance, we were provided with slippers, and shown the room where we were to get prepared for our treatments.  There were robes and disposable underwear provided.  While the underwear did not fit, we are large people after all, the robes did, so we rang the bell, and Tammy came in and directed us to the massage room.

Couples Changing Room Chi Spa

There we met Rose, who would be giving me my treatment.  Rose…Wow!  This is a coincidence.  Let me explain…

When Heidi and I were married 18 years ago, we were married on Baker Beach in San Francisco.  It was the smallest wedding party possible.  Three people.  Heidi and I of course, and the person who married us.  When looking for someone to perform the wedding ceremony, we opted for a New-Age, low-key person, whose name is Rosewind.  How about that for a coincidence?!

Heidi and I were directed to sit down, and we were given some tea to sip on.  Rose and Tammy then washed our lower-legs and feet in a tub of warm water.  They applied a salt-scrub which was new for me.  With our feet and legs rinsed, I figured it was time to get down to the massaging.  Nope.  Another surprise:  An Outdoor Couple’s Bubble Bath!  This just keeps getting better and better.

The large bath was outside, but it was covered with a pergola, and it was our own little private garden area.  We stripped down to our birthday suits, and checked out the tub.  There were bubbles flowing in the cool bath, and the running water was very nice.  Both of us slipped in the tub, and we were given 15 minutes to relax.

Shangri-la Spa - Golden Sands Resort bubble bath

I consider it the Pre-relaxing Stage.  It was so nice to be able to relax with no kids around, and just talk.  If all four of us are in a pool, invariably the kids are playing and splashing around right next to Heidi and I, no matter how large the pool is.  This was a welcome change where Heidi and I could just focus on each other and sip more tea.

The fifteen minutes went by so quickly, the attendants knocked on the door to signal it was time for our massage.  Time to get our clothes/robes on, and we made our way back into the main massage room.  Heidi was directed to her table with Tammy, and Rose directed me to mine.

No photos of this part (Censored)

Shangri-la Spa - Golden Sands Resort

Laying face down, I was covered with a towel, and the Main Relaxing Stage began.  While I was face down, Rose sprayed some rose mist that smelled lovely.  She then proceeded to give me a superb 90-minute massage treatment.  I think she actually had to wake me up to turn me over.  She used just the right amount of pressure on my sore muscles.  I’m practically nodding off just writing about it, it was so relaxing.

When Rose was done, I felt like a bowl of jello.  My muscles were loosened, and I was in a proper state of Relaxation.  My treatment finished a little bit before Heidi’s, so Rose directed me to the changing room, where I put my regular clothes back on.  I made my way back to the massage room, and laid on the big mattress that was in the room.  I fell asleep until Heidi was done with her treatment.

Shangri-la Spa - Golden Sands Resort

When she was done, she looked more relaxed than I have seen her in a long time.  She described the hot stone massage, and I’m intrigued, so I’ll have to give that a try for next time.  This was such a welcome experience for Heidi and me, and it was a fantastic way to connect with each other again to celebrate 18 years of marriage.  Huge thanks goes out to the staff at Chi Spa!  There isn’t one thing we would change.

Chi Spa at Shangri-La Penang

Do you like a good spa day?  What are your thoughts on the outdoor bubble bath or a couples massage?

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang Contact Info

Website: Chi, The Spa
Hotel Booking Info:  Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang
:  (60 4) 888 8888
Fax:  (60 4) 881 1800
:  10am – 10pm
Location:  Adjacent to the Rasa Wing Pool
Map-Chi-Spa-at Rasa-Sayang-Resort

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Disclosure: Our hotel stay was hosted by the Golden Sands Resort Penang and all opinions are our own.

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  1. Congrats on the 18th Wedding Anniversary – You couldn’t have found a better place to celebrate!

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