Departure Day Has Arrived!

Today is the day to leave the country and begin what we hope is the fun part of the adventure. I have to say the past 11 months of planning and preparing has been “fun”, but this is what it has all been for.  This has been the project of all projects and now we can reap the rewards!  We leave on a late flight this evening, so I am sure the day will take time to pass. We have a long journey ahead via DC and Frankfurt prior to arriving in Barcelona on Sunday.  We will be keeping the blog and Facebook up to date with the activities of the Wagoner Family.

First thing this morning, a little panic set in… OH MY GOODNESS… what are we doing?  Did we remember to do everything to prepare for this trip? I have to admit, we were not a diligent with our Spanish lessons as we should have been. We will pay the price for that, without a doubt. I guess we opted for the sink or swim model.  Are we taking the correct things in our luggage, too much, too little? Oh well, guess we just go and wing it!


Come on and tell us what you think!

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