Create A Lasting Experience For The Holidays

Wow it is November already, I can’t believe how time flies!  I know everyone is starting to get ready for the Holidays.  When we were in London last week, the Christmas street decorations were going up and the store front windows were being decorated.  In many homes, the menu planning has begun.  I can just picture it with the traditional slow roasted turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, yams, veggies, freshly baked bread and pumpkin pie.  Oh all of that sounds so good.  As far as we know, there is no pumpkin pie in our little part of Spain.  I sure does sound yummy though.  So what do we do to get our minds off of the holiday comfort food that we won’t likely find in Spain?  We plan travel of course.

Actually, I will be perfectly honest with you…I am always planning travel.  There I said it, I am addicted to wanting to see and do new things.  I know, you are in shock!  I think most people tend to be with their family during the holidays, but we have often marched to a different beat than the norm.  I think part of that reason is my “addiction”.  You see we didn’t live “near” any family, so we didn’t have that quick drive over to Grandma’s house for the Holiday dinner.  We did often have family come spend time with us and a few times we flew to family.


I have to say the most memorable holidays were when we included them with a trip or an experience.  Yep we have been to Disney World, Universal Studios, Crystal Springs, as well as Negril, Jamaica with Grandma Linda and had the most amazing time.  We weren’t expecting much for the actual day of the holiday, but they sure did give us a surprise.  They had a top-notch traditional holiday buffet on the beach, with endless trimmings as well as a party that would make anyone get up and dance.

Yes, this was an experience to remember. The kids still talk about it and it was 3 years ago! This was a special holiday and it was all booked fairly last-minute, in terms of planning a holiday.  Last year we spent our Christmas in Paris and there were some great deals available.  So listen to me when I tell you to take a break from the norm, from the tradition, from driving over to Grandma’s house and create and experience.

Paris France

Find a place to create that perfect experience to remember and step outside of the “traditional box”.  Look for those great last minute holiday deals and go where the best deal is.  That is often how we plan our trips, we go where the deal is.  From there you create your experience and perhaps create a new tradition.  Hey maybe you can get a great last-minute deal and come visit us in Spain. Bring a pumpkin pie if you do!

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8 thoughts on “Create A Lasting Experience For The Holidays

  1. This will be our third Christmas abroad (once in Turkey & twice in Mexico), and I absolutely love it. We still celebrate, but having to be careful with spending and acquiring stuff puts natural limits on presents and decorations, which forces us to be much more creative. It’s funny though, there are so many gringos where we are, the local WalMart is already stuffed with Xmas decorations. Ugh!!!

    I love your idea if playing flight roulette and just spending the holiday wherever there’s a cheap flight. Brilliant! 🙂

    • Wow there is a WalMart in Mexico! Oh has it changed since I lived there. Yes, it is fun being creative. You bet we go where the cheap flights are. I am looking now to see where we should go this year. Unfortunately most of the really good deals are to places that are freezing cold Ha! Thus the good deal. We don’t even own clothes warm enough for something like that. It was about all we could handle in London last week with about 50’F and wind. 🙂

  2. That’s weird, Heidi because I initially wrote you and Alan can jump really high, as I read it as if you had written it, but then something made me go and check the author; I think I had a feeling it was you writing….spooky!

    • Ha! Very weird. Looks like we have that cosmic connection.

      You say “JUMP” and then I say “how high?” 🙂 I have been so trained and conditioned…

  3. I love Christmas, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like without so much commercialism (even though I am a sucker when it comes to buying gifts). By the way, you and Heidi can jump reeeeeally high!

    • Too funny Melanie. It does look like we jumped high. We just realized we had the wrong author listed on this one. It’s fixed now.

      We have had several holidays “away”, so gifts have been minimal. The kids don’t seem to mind at all. In fact a trip is usually the gift along with a few small items that can tuck away in a suit case. It is quite nice not being stressed about the commercialism. That said it is always fun to give someone a gift that is just perfect for them and not a gift just because “it is that time of year”. 🙂

  4. Heidi I really enjoyed your post. Last year was the first time we celebrated Christmas while traveling. Funny enough it was in Paris too! For us it was one of the most memorable Christmas. It was nice to move away from the focus of presents and focus more on good food, memories, and family.

    • Yes, I just love it. It is a nice shift to make from presents to experiences. We haven’t ever really been extreme on the presents for the kids, so it was an easy transition for us. Not to mention the kids love to travel too and “get it”. It would be difficult if they didn’t like the experiences.

      You were in Paris too? Wow, I think we are supposed to meet. Both in Paris at the same time and then in Italy at the same time. We will bump into you somewhere.

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