Here Comes The Sun!

April 3 2014 Almunecar SunriseGood morning everyone. Another spectacular sunrise in Almuñecar this morning.  We had a storm blow through yesterday and today we get the last of the clouds as the sun rises.  There is still a bit of rain falling to blur the photo a bit.  Doesn’t the sun make it appear that hillside is on fire?

I love that after 19 months here in Spain, I am still amazed with the sunrise and the sea every single day. Oh I just love it and can’t get enough.  We take photos all of the time and don’t even bother to share, but I am thinking we should. We should all be reminded every day, to stop and enjoy those little things that we all take for granted.

I know you are thinking, what the heck why sunrise and not sunset, there is no way I am up early enough.  Well Spain is on a funny time schedule and should be aligned with UK and Portgal, but is instead running the same time zone as Germany etc… So our sun usually rises just prior to 8am, depending on the time of year.  For us, that isn’t too early, as we are up getting ready for school.  Our apartment faces East, so the sunrise is the obvious choice for us on a daily basis.  That said, we do get spectacular colored skies for sunset, we just don’t see the sun itself from our place.  If we walk down to the beach and along the promenade a bit, we can see the sun set over the hills/sea.

Remember to check out our photo gallery, showcasing our beautiful sunrises.

How many times a day do you stop to appreciate your natural surroundings?

Come on and tell us what you think!

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