Here Comes The Judge: We Have Been Given An Honor

We are very excited and honored to have been asked to be judges for

The 2013 Best Nomadic Family Travel Blogs Celebration! 

Yes that is right, we are one of the judges for this great event that helps bring light to those that may not usually get the attention.  Best Family Travel Blogs

Gabi from The Nomadic Family is very passionate about this and is hosting the event.  You will first get a peek into her soul with a very touching story and then get to the rules.  Here is a snippet of how she views this event:

“I’ve always loved celebrating Unsung Heroes. We did it also when I was the executive director of a non-profit, and we honored janitors, teacher’s aids, at-home mom volunteers, and lab assistants who normally went unnoticed. I like to find those who don’t normally get in the spotlight, those who modesty try to do their best and silently succeed in their own perfect grace. This is not a popularity contest further glorifying those with the most Facebook friends, who have won the most awards, or who are the savviest social media marketers. We’re looking for Unsung Heroes- magical people now living across the globe who deserve to be sung about, praised, shared, and celebrated.”

What can you do?

So if you follow any other Family Travel Blogs, help bring more light, more attention, and more recognition to them by nominating their blog.  Believe me a little recognition goes a long way to fuel a Family Travel Blogger.

Check out the rules on The Nomadic Family Site and nominate one or many of your favorite unsung heroes.

If you don’t know of any other Family Travel Blogs, then go check out the list that is rapidly growing and discover some new people, friends and families!  You will love them and then you can nominate your new discovery.

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