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We had the best dinner out at Ozo Hotel along Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui!  We kept walking past each day and the building and restaurant looked so inviting.  Finally one day we stopped in for dinner and what a treat.  This isn’t a budget burger place, but they know how to make a really good burger.  The funky thing is the restaurant is named “Stacked” and the food comes stacked high!  Love it.
Stacked Koh Samui Thailand Review

We opted to dine outside and every little touch was thought of.  They brought fresh towels to wipe our hands, as we were seated.  Then someone came by and offered us mosquito spray for our legs!  Which they sprayed for us!  Wow!

Stacked Koh Samui

Okay, I haven’t been around service like that, since my fancy 5 star hotel days.  Everything was thought of down to each and every drink having a coaster.  Lars and I were splitting the Caesar salad as a starter.  Without us asking, they brought out 2 extra plates and utensils.  I know if you are reading this in the US, that isn’t a big deal.  Maybe we have been traveling too long, but this just doesn’t happen often in Southeast Asia.  Oh and by the way we are at a funky burger place, who would guess the service would be so great.

While we were waiting for our food, out came a little silver bucket full of the most delicious popcorn.  Do they know the kids, and adults, had the munchies or what?  They also brought by some pickled veggies and the absolute cutest containers of condiments.  It looks like they make them just for one use.  Yeah, no sharing a crusty ketchup bottle!  Oh the list just goes on!

Stacked Koh Samui Chef's hats for the kids

We met with the Executive Chef, Matt from San Francisco, my home town!  He gave the kids chef hats and that just set the mood for the night.  Who knew eating could be so much fun?  I guess this hotel and restaurant opened in March.  You know me, the food and beverage manager always runs in my veins.  I loved everything about it.

Let’s Talk Stacked Food!

Stacked Samui Burgers and Food

Chicken Caesar salad –  The romaine was grilled and then tossed with the dressing.  It was topped with bacon that was just like candy, as well as grilled chicken, parmesan, and huge croutons.  A very unique way of creating this salad, but really delicious.  Really my mouth is wanting this again.

After we finished the Caesar, Exec Chef Matt came out with a special salad he wanted us to try.  It was the 3 Stack Salad.  Fresh Watermelon and Spanish Manchego cheese topped with almonds in a Balsamic Crème, and Olive Oil.  Seriously, who would think of this?  He said it was his favorite and we should give it a try.  We all tried it and poof it was gone in about 2 seconds.  Even Alan ate it and loved it.  Anya doesn’t care much for watermelon and she kept going back for more.  Lars and I loved it too.  Of course we were the two that focused on the cheese.

How are you supposed to eat such a big burger?

They had the most amazing hamburgers ever!  Look at Anya’s! No way is she going to tell me she is hungry in an hour.

Stacked Koh Samui - that's a big burger

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited the kids were to have a monster sized burger placed in front of them.  I didn’t think they would be able to eat it all, but somehow they managed just fine.  The menus and plates were just adorable, shaped like cutting boards.  The burgers and bacon were absolutely delicious.  Coming from America, we are picky about the taste of our hamburger meat.  This was just perfect and served with their special sauce too.  Yum!  I had the onion rings, and they were delicious!  While the kids and Alan enjoyed fries.

Can We Talk Stacked Dessert?

Ok, I haven’t really experienced a stacked dessert, but when they brought out the PBJ, we were in awe!  We all had a different favorite, but shared them all (mostly).

PBJ – to die for!  Chocolate Truffle & Peanut Butter Ice Creams, Berry Jam, Cinnamon Sugar Brioche and a cream sauce.  WOW!  Lars loved this and the apple crumble.

Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and blueberry jam.  Lars favorite tie with PBJ, Alan’s favorite.

Pecan pie!  covered with a bourbon Caramel and vanilla custard sauce.  All I can say is “oh my goodness”!  Heidi and Anya’s favorite.  Alan is not a big pecan pie fan, but he liked this one.

What does Wagoners Abroad think of Stacked Samui?

Nothing but thumbs up around the table.  We feel like we have a new friend, Matt as well. It was without a doubt a wonderful evening and exceptional food.

This fun night out was hosted by Ozo Hotel and Stacked Restaurant.  Thanks!

Stacked Contact Info

North Chaweng Beach Road, Koh Samui 84320
Tel. : +66 (0) 7791 5210
Fax: +66 (0) 7791 5200
Open Daily : 17:00 – 02:00
Websites:  Stacked Samui  also for the  Ozo Hotel

Disclosure: Our meal was hosted by the restaurant and all opinions are our own.

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