Change To Daylight Savings Time

Quick!  What time is it?


If you said 1:15 PM, you would be WRONG!

Here’s another…What time is it?Mac Time

If you said 2:15 PM, you would be CORRECT!

So why am I highlighting this discrepancy?

Because in this day and age, using daylight savings time is stupid and it sucks!  Over here in Spain, we just adjusted our clocks/watches/time devices, and it’s a pain.  Most of the technology (laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.) automatically handles the change, but it’s the other things that are bothersome (wristwatches, stove clocks, blinking VCR clocks, etc.).

The other piece of “technology” that doesn’t automatically handle the change is…the human body.  The kids don’t like having to go to their rooms while it’s still light out.  Heidi and I went to bed around 3 AM because we were off.  The kids this morning were a bit grumpy about getting up, so all told, the Wagoners are not overly thrilled.

If governments want to continue using Daylight Savings, then let’s bring back some other completely USELESS rules:

  • Don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll catch a cold.  I’m going bald, and don’t have much in the way of hair anyway, so does that mean I’ll only catch a “small” cold?
  • No swimming for an hour after you eat.  Or what!?

Daylight Savings Time Around The World

If you look at this map, you’ll see how crazy and non-uniform this whole DST thing is:

World Daylight Savings Usage

  DST is used.
  DST is no longer used.
  DST has never been used.

This past 3 weeks has really been confusing when calling (or being called from) the U.S.  If I had to select one over the other and just stick to it all year, it would be daylight savings time.  We get more light during our waking hours and go figure, it would even work in the winter!

I won’t complain about this again when October comes around, because, well…I actually like getting that extra hour of sleep, but until then, we at Wagoners Abroad will fight the oppression that is Daylight Savings Time!

(Map from Wikipedia)

Come on and tell us what you think!

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